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Monday, August 25, 2014

Palmdale California

I got transferred and I am now in Palmdale.  I still don't even know what my mission looks like or what is what... but I'll just keep doing whatever the Lord tells me! haha

I was bummed to leave Elder M*** and Elder B***... we were having some good times together... but to be honest... we didn't get a lot of work done.

I am with Elder B*** from Springville Utah!  He is super sweet and is very dedicated.  He has a lot of energy and so one of the most genuine Elders I have met!  He loves tractors more than I love corndogs... so we've enjoyed the last week together and we have worked HARD!  (He absolutely loves corndogs.  We made homemade corndogs for all of his buddies the night before he left on his mission.)

I always saw the part in PMG (Preach my Gospel) that explains how success of a missionary is really measured... but because we were baptizing so much in Sierra Leone I never really studied it or thought too much about it.  Success of a missionary is measured by their diligence, effective time use, and their true desire.  We may not have had fantastic looking numbers but we really worked from sun up till sundown.  I am learning to talk to literally everyone I see and it is so awesome!!  We wouldn't talk to everyone we would meet in the street in Sierra Leone or we wouldn't be able to make it to any of our lessons! haha  So many times I think to myself... holy cow that guy looks super scary and like he wants to kill me.... then I talk to him... and realize he is a teddy bear inside and he needs the gospel just as much as anyone!  We found so many potentials this week it was crazy... I can't wait to follow up and make them ALL investigators!

One thing I love about this mission is the dinners we get to have with memebers!  All the food I was fed in Africa was from people we would just meet or from investigators.  However, here we have dinners scheduled for almost every night of the week!  It is amazing to go into a members house after being in someone's sketchy beat up apartment because you can just feel the presence of the spirit in a members home.  It reminds me of the feeling I would get when I was in my own home!

We are teaching the G**** Family.  They have a crazy background and things are continually hectic at their house.  One son named J*** just got out of Juve and the Other daughter named H**** just went in.... so when I first met them I was just blown back by all the craziness that they have been dealing with.  I made it my goal this week to help them to feel the spirit strongly.  Well... we taught 2 of the most powerful lessons I have taught while out on a mission and J*** and the youngest brother M*** both came to church!  I can't believe how amazing the gospel is at bringing peace into a mix of chaos!  We see them almost every night.  We come in we invite the spirit with a prayer.... fill them with good feelings (teach a short lesson)... and get out of there quick to help them realize that those good feeling they feel come from the Holy Ghost.  I can't wait see them again this week:)

I did my first ever District meeting.  I didn't plan very well so it was a little too late to give assignments to other people in the district so I ended up giving a talk about faith.  I shared the experience I had with my brother when I relied on his faith to receive an answer from Heavenly Father.  I explained how that experience has helped me to develop my own faith. I don't think I have ever shared that experience without shedding tears... so hooray... more tears haha!  We can only rely on others for so long.... but after time we must gain our own testimony and learn for ourselves.  I think the meeting went pretty well... I felt the Spirit so I hope they did too! Oh and lucky me.. the Assistants joined us last minute so that added some pressure ha!

We had a sweet lesson in Elders quorum about how as the world grows darker and darker... the Church of Jesus Christ becomes brighter and brighter.  Which reminds me of an awesome quote that I got from Lindsey Parrish in a letter.  "It takes a certain darkness to be able to see the stars" -can't remember who (don't get me for plagiarism)  This world has grown dark... whether is be ebola... war... drugs... or immorality... It is definitely the last days. There is a definite peace that comes to your heart when you know you are doing what you are suppose to. Prepare, for the Lord will come quick! 

California is cool in its own way... I am learning to adapt.  Thank you for all the prayers!  Peace and Blessings!

Shout out to Wamps!  Happy Birthday this week!  I love you tons and i'm sure you could beat me at tennis even though your are turning 86! keep aceing them old ladies!  (in tennis) haha

p.s. sorry no pics...

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