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Monday, August 18, 2014

It's hotter than Africa here!! haha

Ow di Bodi!

I had a pretty great week but things are still weird that's for sure.  Missionary work is so much different here and I still have a lot of adjusting to do.  I don't know how to do a door contact to save my life but thankfully my companions are both super cool so we just laugh it off.  To put it into perspective.  In Sierra Leone my last transfer we were averaging around 30 lessons a week.  This last week was normal... and I think we taught a total of 3 lessons. haha! 
Another thing I noticed is how different it is to be bold and teach the gospel to someone who is the same race as you!  I am so use to teaching and talking to Africans that I am still a little scared of white people!  I have the urge to yell pumwee when we haven't been around to many people and I see a white person.  It was RARE to see white people in Sierra Leone.  However, there are plenty of hispanics so I enjoy talking to them haha!
Transfers are tomorrow.  I still don't know where I am going or who my companion will be.  However, I do know that I will be a district leader and that I will have a car! haha wooo!  I am gonna miss Elder Mcknight and Elder Bean for sure.  We have had a blast the past week and a half!  I don't think I have laughed this hard in awhile!  I am pretty surprised that I am being called to be a district leader... I've never been one before and I am still a noob to this mission.  Thankfully Heavenly Father has got my back:) whew! haha
Since Missionaries who go to Sierra Leone don't take a suit with them.. I have been the only missionary at meetings without a suit for the past week! haha I tried wearing my companions huge blue suit jacket but it just wasn't matching my beat up gray pants... so I only wore it to a couple meetings haha! 
My mission President is super nice and took Elder Barrick (the other Sierra Leone Missionary) and me to go SHOPPING for things we needed!  We got to spend half the day with him and his wife!  I got a couple of suits and some P- day clothes!  I really wanted to get a silver suit... but the first thing he said when we got to men's warehouse was.... Dark colors only Elders haha but I have no place complaining!  It was so awesome getting to know him and his wife better and just being able to ask him any questions we wanted about the mission and how things work.  I bet I am one of the very few who get to spend that much personal time with President Wilson. Oh they took us out to lunch too... I'm pretty sure Red Robins wanted to stop their bottomless fries deal after I came in! haha
We were able to go to a baptism that was in our ward but it was the sisters candidate.  The baptism was awesome and the spirit was so strong.  I couldn't believe how many people came for support.  Member support in Sierra Leone was absolutely horrible.  I wish I could just write a list of all the things that are completely opposite but it would fill up like 5 pages.  I am learning to just love the differences and laugh off the things that are foreign or still awkward for me to do... like contact someone in english! haha  

We contacted this crazy guy named Kayowe (K.O.).  I went to get a haircut from a member but they ended up not being home but when I got out of the car to go to the house I grabbed a book of mormon for some reason.  I remember thinking...why in the world are you grabbing this .  we were walking away from the door when this gangster looking guy started yelling to us from across the street.  I thought he was gonna yell at us for knocking on peoples doors or something... but turns out he wanted to give us "mad props" for doing what we do.  We talked to him for about a half hour.  I was trying really hard not to laugh cause he would just try and use massive words that he had no clue what they meant or when they should be used.  for example "I bet if I use these academically inclined futuristical words you fine young gentle man wouldn't have the millisecondest ideal of what enlightenment I am bringing you"  hahaha I was dying inside!!!  He was really nice though. He also didn't understand my accidental Krio that kept slipping out! haha! I shared a scripture with him and gave him the book of mormon I grabbed "for no reason." I know we made his day... and he definitely made mine!
I will only have an hour to email in the future so my emails will probably be much shorter from now on... just another change to get use to I guess! :)
Shout out to Blaize Pryor!  I miss you tons man! Enjoy yourself while you are at the MTC and do your best to keep the spirit with you at all times!  I look up to you Elder!!!!
P.s. sorry this email is lame... I had to write it really quick!

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