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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Being Reassigned to Another Mission

We received information today that all missionaries are safe, healthy and have limited interaction with other people. We will likely not receive an email from Cody this week because they will not be going to the internet café to email.  Therefore, the first we will hear from him is when he arrives at his new mission.  I will definitely post his new mission as soon as I hear from him. 

Some interesting information is that there are 274 total missionaries in Sierra Leone and Liberia.  Of those, 157 are from other African Nations, and 117 are from outside Africa, mostly the United States and Canada.  There are 13,078 members of the church and 30 congregations in Sierra Leone with the first approved church meeting in 1988.  Liberia has 8,081 members and 22 congregations with the first formal branches starting in the early 1980's. 

The new mission assignments will be made by an Apostle.  I appreciate how complicated this situation is for all those who are involved in making these decisions, working through the logistics and taking care of that many missionaries in such a short time frame (3-7 days).  Tuesday will be 6 months since Cody left Salt Lake.  As you recall, his travel to Ghana was complicated, and it has been a crazy but wonderful experience every single day since he left.  I know that Cody is safe, healthy and being protected.  I pray for the people in Sierra Leone and Liberia that they may be protected and safe, and continue to grow and blossom as they have been these past few years.

Thanks again to all of you for your love.
Cody's Mom  :)
(Best job in the world)

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