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Monday, August 11, 2014

Mailing Address for Elder Cody Crandall

Dear All;

I am anxiously waiting for Cody's first email from his new location this morning.  With him now being one time zone behind us, I will have to be more patient on Mondays while waiting to hear from him.  I have actually had enough practice in patience, but I guess we continue to learn the wonderful quality of patience throughout our lives.

Cody is serving in the California Bakersfield mission.  I don't know yet if we are going to be able to mail things directly to him now, but things can always be mailed to the mission office.  His permanent address will be:

Elder Cody Crandall
California Bakersfield Mission Office
3512 Coffee Rd Suite B
Bakersfield, CA  93308

We spoke with his mission president on Friday evening after he had an interview with Cody.  He was very reassuring and gave us comfort in knowing that he took time to get to know Cody and that they are taking care of their needs.  He said Cody was doing well and was a very fine young man.  Cody is in a 3 some with transfers next week.  I will be sending him a package (delivered via my sister who lives in California) so if anyone wants to send him a letter or anything to go in the package and not mailed directly to him, you can drop it by or send it to me and I can include it.  My sister is leaving Salt Lake on August 25thto return to California, so I would need anything to be included by Sunday, August 24th.

Thanks very much for your concern for Cody and all the people impacted by this crazy virus.  I look forward to hearing how Cody's week has been and more details of his evacuation.  I pray his adjustment is relatively smooth, but I anticipate it will be more difficult for him to adjust to coming back to the United States than it was for him to adjust to the culture in Sierra Leone.

Thanks much.

P.S.  I had not shared his location previously because we had been asked not to.  The details of getting them out of Sierra Leone and Liberia and into other countries was a very difficult and complicated process.  A few missionaries went to Ghana and the rest all went back to their home countries somewhere (this is an educated assumption on my part, but not confirmed).  With the Ebola scare, no countries wanted to receive people who had just come from West Africa, nor were there a lot of options due to Visa issues.  Their travels out of their missions are a whole story by itself that can be told at another time.

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