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Friday, August 1, 2014

Evacuation of Sierra Leone and Liberia

Dear Family and Friends;

Cody will be leaving Sierra Leone in the next few days (or possibly a little longer).  I have not heard from him, but received this information from a post by his Mission President, David Ostler.  All missionaries in these two countries will be evacuated as quickly as possible due to the Ebola Virus that is spreading quickly throughout the Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. 

My understanding is that we will not hear from Cody until he has arrived at his new mission assignment and he will be the one to let us know where he will be serving.  There are 274 missionaries to be reassigned, so those in charge will be busying making things happen and will not be the ones contacting the families, but will leave that to the missionaries when they arrive at their new destination. 

Please remember Cody in your prayers.  He was hoping to not be transferred this week because he loves the people he is currently working with and has 7 people lined up for baptism.  I'm sure he had no idea there was a possibility of him being evacuated.  Please also pray for his Mission President, David Ostler, and the Area Authority, Lee Curtis, as well as all of the people of Sierra Leone (and Liberia) who will be staying there and suffering another hardship on top of all that they have already suffered.  They lost so much during the civil war that ended 10 years ago.  They have not yet healed from that.  The Gospel was the light to help them move forward and it is now going to be harder for them to hear about the blessings that are available to them.  They love the Plan of Salvation.  It gives them the promises they need and they cling to it.

Thank you for your love and support you give Cody.  I will post as soon as I know anything new.


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