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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Faith is Fulfilling

We had some sweet times this past week.  I really enjoyed every single day and saw some miracles every single day as well!  When you hope and pray for something righteous... God wants to bless you with it!

Zone Conference with Elder Carlson of the Seventy was so great!  He is a 4 star General in the Air-Force so I thought he was going to be super intense and straight laced... but he had me laughing like no other!  I hope that one day I can be a funny old man with the best case of old man humor out there haha!  He was serving in the Primary when he was called to be a Seventy!  He taught so powerfully and helped me to realize many things that I can change and repent of to become a better missionary.  One thing in particular I realized is that we as humans work well with a pattern.  Since I've been an Assistant... my missionary schedule has been disrupted dramatically!  We often have meetings early in the mornings, or need to stay out late talking with missionaries and it throws our pattern for a loop!  We've worked really hard this past week to be more consistent and it has helped a lot!  Without studying the scriptures on a daily basis... it is impossible to battle the evils in the world today!

I went on an exchange with Elder Monzon this past Friday.  He is one of the most impressive missionaries I have ever met on my entire mission!  He will be finishing his mission in one more transfer and is far from burning out or slowing down.  We started and didn't stop or take a break until 9:30 at night!  We saw so many miracles and felt the spirit very strongly together.  I love getting to know missionaries and their backgrounds.  We come in a whole bunch of different shapes and sizes... and you can tell who really understands their purpose.  There is nothing that makes me happier than to see a missionary really "get it" and do all they can to help those around "get it" also.

I know that healing takes time.  We often think that if we repent of something then the temptations will go away and we won't have that struggle in the future.  We are teaching someone who is has some seriously deep spiritual wounds.  The Gospel will fill those scars but it takes a consistent effort.  I know that is true.  My own personal healing took time and still takes time.  Becoming perfect is a day by day process.  I also know that we don't have to be perfect to be worthy.

We have started teaching the S** family!  They moved from Utah recently so when I got their phone number and it started with 801 I got pretty excited haha!  The daughters haven't been baptized but are excited to be on June 13!  I know that we were given the opportunity to teach them through the fasting and prayers we put forth to see 75 baptisms in June!  They are such a cool family and understand that the Gospel is the only way to find true happiness!

I came across this scripture this week while studying about prophets...  Mosiah 15:11-12

11 Behold I say unto you, that whosoever has heard the words of the prophets, yea, all the holy prophets who have prophesied concerning the coming of the Lord—I say unto you, that all those who have hearkened unto their words, and believed that the Lord would redeem his people, and have looked forward to that day for a remission of their sins, I say unto you, that these are his seed, or they are the heirs of the kingdom of God.

 12 For these are they whose sins he has borne; these are they for whom he has died, to redeem them from their transgressions. And now, are they not his seed?

Those who Follow the words of the prophets receive the full blessings the Atonement has to offer!
Shout out to my Uncle Rob! Congrats on your new son! You are such a great example to me and I'm happy to have you as my UNCS!!

Love Elder C the V!

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