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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Phone Call

We had a great visit with Elder Crandall on the phone last night.  He is working in the office and was able to share with us what a typical week is like.  They have 2 sets of AP's so the other set drives in to Bakersfield every Sunday and spend Sunday night and Monday night with the Bakersfield AP's.  They are able to get a lot of office things done on Monday where they are connecting with all the Zone Leaders and taking care of anything President Wilson needs them to do.  Cody is grateful he gets to continue to teach people in his area, as that is very meaningful and fulfilling for him.

His sister is currently in Brazil, so we were able to get her on one of our phones and let them talk via 2 phones both on speaker.  How grateful I am for modern technology.  We were also able to connect with most of his grandparents as well.  It was a wonderful day for us.  He looks healthy, happy, tired and ready to take on more.  His sense of humor continues, which is evidence that he is the same person who left here 15 months ago. 

We were also able to speak with Elder Salas in Bolivia yesterday.  He is also doing very well.  He will be released from his mission on August 25th and will be returning to Peru.

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  Happy Mother's Day to all of you, but especially to all the families who were able to speak with your missionaries yesterday.  What a special day.

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