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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


This past week has been an interesting one!  I've been lucky to have made it so far without getting sick enough to have to slow down... but Heavenly Father sure sat me down.  Elder Matheny was sick and did a great job at fighting it through the many trainings we gave and as soon as he was over it... of course... I got it. haha.  I'm still recovering but doing a lot better!  Amazingly, we were still able to teach all of the lessons we planned for and were able to go on exchanges and see some miracles with some Elders that could use the boost.

So today was one of our first P-day's in a while because tomorrow we will be having a zone conference with Elder Carlson of the Seventy.  We get to have 8 hours worth of personal revelation!!!! I am sooo excited!  I've never conducted for a Seventy before... but I guess I can't say that for very long!  He is going to instruct on how to become a fully consecrated missionary.  That is a topic I've thought a lot about through my mission.  It is really hard to give everything you've got to the Lord.  It takes serious faith, because you don't quite see what you will get in return.  I can tell you... the more you are willing to sacrifice... the more Heavenly Father opens the windows of Heaven and dumps out his blessings!

I've been studying how to "inspire" the past couple of days.  I've realized that the only way someone will act is if they have a cause to work for and a witness of it by the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost can touch and teach a person better than any amount of well worded sentences.  The best way to invite the Holy Ghost is to teach true principles.  The Holy Ghost literally has to testify when something is true.  When a person states something like, "Jesus Christ is the Son of God" it is not only heard... but felt.  I've noticed that when missionaries quickly begin to testify, they are more likely to listen because they can feel a difference. 

I listened to a talk while I was out for the count called social conversion.  I recommend every member to listen to it.  For a person to join the church, they must be converted both socially and spiritually.  The job of the missionaries is obviously the spiritual conversion. The job of the members is the social conversion.  I encourage you to not only make friends with members of the church... but to talk with everyone.  I've noticed in California that members flock with members.  If you don't ever reach out to others because they aren't the exact same as you then you cut off all opportunities to do missionary work.  Use good judgement, but remember that the good shepherd will leave the 99 in search of the 1 lost sheep.

Personal prayers bring peace.  It is so nice to remind myself that Heavenly Father is a real being who controls everything and wants me to succeed.  There are many nights I just need a good chat with him to comfort my heart and remind me that he is in control!  We can't do anything of our own power.  If we humble ourselves, then he will help us with everything!

Shout out to Tanner Bear! Happy Birthday! You are the #1 brother, dad, friend!

Shout out to Papa Bear! Happy Birthday to you too!  I am so happy I get to carry both Christ's name and your name on my chest everyday! I love you!

Elder Crandall the Vandal

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