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Monday, May 4, 2015


I always thought it was weird when old people would say they are pooped… but after this week I know exactly what they are talking about. Whew! We had so much going on with transfers, and investigators that I can officially say I’ve been pooped! Haha Nonetheless, I don’t have time for that and God somehow rejuvenates me at the beginning of every week.  So bring on another week full of fun… cause next Sunday I get to talk with the Fambo!

 Our mission set a goal this past month to find 750 new investigators. That was a pretty hefty goal compared to the 430 new investigators we had actually found the month before.  We ended up finding 709 new investigators! We didn’t quite hit our goal… but raising our vision, stepping out of our comfort zone and trying to achieve something that hasn’t been done before really got the mindset of the missionaries into a higher plane of thinking.  The very best part of it too is the fact that 709 people were introduced to the way that they can return back to their Heavenly Father.

J** N** should be getting baptized this Saturday.  She is one spunky lady.  We found her through knocking and I can’t believe how prepared she was to hear the Gospel.  She has not missed one Sunday since the day we talked to her.  She loves to share stories from her past that just crack me up.  She fed us a delicious Roast this past week in which we took a recently ordained Priest with us (a Priest is a level of responsibility in our church.  He is not referring to a Priest from a different religion).  The Priest had canceled on us several times and we could kind of tell he didn’t really want to go out with us… but we had a feeling that we needed to take him.  He came, bore a beautiful testimony and we sent him home to his family with a Box of Black tea as a trophy (we confiscated it)!  Haha We talked to his dad (our WML (Ward Mission Leader)) the next day and said he had never been so excited about the Gospel! J

Some amazing things are beginning to happen with C**’s family (the girl who was baptized last week).  We taught her mom a lesson about temples and eternal families.  We asked her, “What would you be willing to give up to live with your family forever?”  She never really came to a conclusion while we were there… but that night at 2:42 A.M. she left us a voicemail in which she said, “I have felt the most overwhelming feeling and I had the sensation that I needed to call you and tell you that I’m ready.  I will give up anything I need to. I am ready!”  When we woke up and listened to that voicemail the next morning Elder Matheny and I just looked at each other with blank stares wondering if we were both still sleeping! Haha

C** went with the ward and did Baptisms for the Dead on Saturday!  She said everyone was trying to explain what was going to happen and why we do this…and she kept telling them, ”I know… my missionaries taught me!” she ended up going first out of everyone.  If anything she had had the most recent experience with being baptized!;) haha

Last night we decided to try a referral we had received and hadn’t been able to get in contact with yet.  As we approached the door it was open and the lady was unloading groceries.   She set up a couple of chairs for us outside her door and we chatted.  We quickly realized that she was quite familiar with the church and really thought a lot of it because of a friend she had that is a member.  She just revered her friend.  It made me think about how important our example we set as members really is.  People see our church as what they see in us.  This member she loved sounded like one of the most Christ like friends I’ve ever heard of.  The reason why I believe she was so drawn to her was because she was the closest person to Christ that she knew.  Anyways, we ended up returning a couple hours later with a member that fed us for dinner… and she fed us dinner haha! We taught one of the most powerful lessons about the plan of salvation I think I have taught on my mission.  The spirit was so comforting and reassuring.  She is definitely what I would call a Golden Investigator. 

I read one of the talks that my dad gave for stake conference and it really touched me.  Sometimes, we worry so much about tomorrow … that we don’t give our best effort today.  I found myself worrying about all the trainings coming up, the struggling missionaries, and my own investigators that I couldn’t focus on the here and now.  We need to eat what’s on our plate one bite at a time.  Thanks Dad… I love you!

Shout out to all the prophets… What would I do without you!  I’m thankful that you would write down your spiritual experiences so that I can find answers to my prayers!

Love, Elder Crandall the vandal

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