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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Work Goes On

We had such a great time this week and saw a lots of increase in faith... both in ourselves and with a lot of the missionaries we were able to go on exchanges with.  I think I spent about the same amount of time in my area as I did in other missionaries areas!  

I got in a car accident on one of the exchanges so that was real exciting.  Everyone was ok and the lady that hit us happened to be a less-active member!  So she was able to not only walk away from the crash... but walk away with a Book of Mormon in hand:)

We were able to go to the temple for the departing missionary temple trip!  It is weird being around a lot of missionaries who are a week away from being home... makes you think a lot about how well you've served your own mission and what you want to be like when you head home.  I've been changed by my mission more than I ever thought possible... I pray everyday that the lessons I've learned will stick with me and I will be an even better missionary when my full time service is up.

We had stake conference this weekend!  There was a lot of talk about the ward council!  Growing up I always knew my dad was away at meetings... but I had no clue what those meetings were for!  In the church we talk about the ideal a lot... I've realized that it is soo hard to accomplish the ideal!  I've sat in a lot of ward councils on my mission and the ones that are the most effective are always those that use the power of delegation.  When one person tries to do everything... they burn out and their area of influence is much smaller than it could be.  This is a lesson I'm trying to learn while being an assistant.  It is hard to trust others with "big jobs" but I can only imagine how Heavenly Father feels.  Trust is such an interesting topic.  There is nothing that brings more inner peace than knowing your Heavenly Father can trust you.

I'm thankful for my Savior this week.  It is so important to know that we can't work our way to Heaven but that it is only possible to return through His Grace.  We must constantly be begging for forgiveness rather than replaying our greatest hits of righteousness as Elder Uchtdorf put it.  His Grace is sufficient.

Love Elder Crandall the Vandal

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