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Monday, February 16, 2015

Perfect Palmdale

Fun week this week but it was also the first week on my mission that I was sick.  We were able to do some tracting this week which we didn't have any time for last week.  Something we are training our missionaries on is the importance of contacting people with love.  It is soooo easy to go up to people and say "We are the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints and we are here today sharing a message about Jesus Christ" and it is even easier for them to say no right after that.  My favorite contact of the week.... I talked to a guy about wakeboarding and skate boarding for about 15 minutes.  When we first went up to him he looked as if he wanted to hide (which happens often haha) and after "loosening him up" we compared the fun of temporal things to the joy of spiritual things.  He wants nothing more than to be with his daughter for eternity and now that we are going to start teaching him he will get to learn how.  I love making someone smile.  You feel good... and they feel good.  I also love the surprised look when you talk to people and they realize you are normal and cool.  You just have to learn how to let people feel comfortable with you so they feel comfortable listening to your message.

I went on exchange with the Assistants on Friday.  I went with Elder Haubner and Elder Burke went with Elder Hyde.  It is always so great to see Elder Hyde.... He is like a brother.  We saw some miracles and I know it is directly related to the faith we had while we were out and about.  I got sick that night so to stay as effective as possible that next morning I drove with Elder Hyde all over the Antelope Valley and Elder Haubner went and chopped wood for Bishop.  It is not often I like to share Bishop with other people cause he is so awesome... but Elder Haubner is one of the few.  Later that day I didn't want to just take a nap at the apartment even though I really needed it... but pushing myself helped us find 2 new investigators!! So worth it.  I can sleep when I die... or on P day today haha.

We taught an awesome Restoration lesson to a lady named Rosario.  We had stopped by her house looking for her nephew who we had talked with a couple of times.  It was on a street called Carolside.  I have walked that street so much and taught so many people on that street but nothing has come of it yet.  Well, God puts you in places for a reason and you better figure it out before you just give up.  Well, I gave one of the weirdest commitments to Rosario when I met her.  She said she recently watched a video about mormon missionaries in Africa (made me chuckle a little bit) and she loved it.  I invited her to look up "Prophet of the Restoration" and watch it.  We got a call from her 2 days later and she had watched it twice... once in English and once in Spanish.  She explained the feeling she felt as she watched both the missionary movie and the restoration.  She said it was a feeling she never felt all the years she has been going to the Catholic church.  She asked if we could meet 2 to 3 times a week and in a quiet place.  Well, she speaks English very well but I had a feeling that she would enjoy the Spanish branch more... It took a lot of faith... but we referred her to them.  I know that when you do good things for others... good things will happen for you.  I care that people are baptized... not that I am the one baptizing them.  It felt good passing over one of the most Golden investigators I have ever found.

I wish I had more time to tell you about other things in my week but I am being rushed for time. I love you all! 

Shout out to my Nana Banana!  You are so strong in the Gospel and I love your incredible example.  Thanks for letting me get gumballs at your house when you would baby sit me! haha

Love Elder Crandall the Vandal

Salone bor bor's (bobo's) together at last!! (He is referring to Elder Barrick, whom he served with in Sierra Leone.  They are now in the same Zone in Palmdale.)

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