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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cody's Birthday Party.  I think he still likes hats and horns
and to just play and have fun.

Café Rio Pork Burrito.  Delivered by Sister Gifford
who was up visiting in Pleasant Grove in January.
Thank you Sister Gifford for helping make his birthday special.
You can tell that Sierra Leone is still very special to him,
as he had to plan ahead to take this picture.
Sierra Leone is still in all of our hearts.
You can see the happiness in his eyes and smile.
Some of the missionaries from the Palmdale area
at Devil's Punch Bowl park hiking on 1/26/2015.

Devil's Punch Bowl on his birthday, 1/26/2015.
20 years old today.

Devil's Punch Bowl with Elder Hyde

Elder Crandall letting out some energy and being his normal
crazy self.  Glad he had so much fun on his birthday.

These are the missionaries in the Ana Verde Ward 01 26 2015

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