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Monday, June 23, 2014

Transfers This Week

I have just been so happy and loving life for the past week.  I am really really trying to do everything in the Lord's way... and after doing so.. showing gratitude in whatever way I can.  My prayers have been based on 2 things for the past month or so.  1. I want to be happy in whatever circumstance I am in.  2.  I want to improve my area and be able to see the fruits of my labors.  Well I can see God answering my prayers everyday.  Sometimes we forget what we prayed about so when it comes a reality... we don't even realize it and we don't show our appreciation to our Father in Heaven.  Prayer is a commandment and a blessing.  Why not do something that will benefit you?? haha... no clue.. makes me wonder why it has taken me so long to understand the importance of prayer.

Elder A.... will be leaving me this transfer and be going to Thunder hill (Freetown).  I am so grateful for all the experiences we have shared together.  We have had some of the roughest times together but we have also had some of the most unforgettable times.  He has taught me so many lessons that I needed to learn.  My goal was to help make him happy doing the work.  These past 3 weeks have just been a blast and I cannot even explain the change I have seen in both of us.  He will go on to do many wonderful things in this mission. I will miss being with him 24/7 but I know I will see him again!  One thing I have truly noticed while I have been here is that when you feel the spirit with someone... there is an unseen bond that is formed.  If you want to strengthen your relationship with someone... find a way to have a spiritual experience with them.  For example, My aunt and Uncle just went and did a church history trip... no better way to strengthen a relationship than spending time doing something that invites the spirit.  

I will be receiving another Zimbabwean.  I have served around him a lot.  His name is Elder Mukwira.  He is a big strong guy with a sweet smile.  I am so stoked to have another African companion!  I know I am put with certain companions for certain reasons so I can't wait to learn and grow from him.  

This week I was lucky enough to go on an exchange with the A.P.'s.  I was a little nervous but I love both of them so I knew it would be an awesome experience.  I went with Elder H..... who will be flying home tomorrow.  He is from Spanish fork and is the perfect example of who I want to be like when I am finished with my mission.  I was trying to squeeze out every possible tip, hint, or idea possible from him.  He has 2 years of experience that he is going to take home with him so I wanted as much help from him as I could get!  He is so close to the spirit and does everything the way the preach my gospel teaches us to.  There were so many awesome experiences that I had with him but no time to write them.  The coolest thing that happened though.... we got bounced from a lesson and decided to go under a tree and pray for inspiration to know where to go to find someone to teach.  We both felt prompted to go a certain direction and we ended up talking to 2 guys at the same time who showed sincere interest.  We taught them about temples and how you can be sealed to your family for time and all eternity.  When we finally left they were almost begging us to come back so they could know more about uniting their family for eternity.  So Awesome.  One of the other things that I noticed he is really good at...  He can make anyone smile.  I realized how simple it is to give someone a compliment and make their day.  I want you all to try something this week.  Give someone an sincere unexpected compliment and look at how their countenance will change.  I have been doing it all week and all the sudden it seems like I am only around very happy people!  I am so grateful for the saviors example of charity.  When you learn to love people you are around... you learn to love life!  Don't worry... be happy!

The other A.P. is Elder H....  He is my favorite.  He will be going home at the end of this next transfer.  I found out that he lived in the exact same room as me up at Utah State just 2 years before me.  I have such a close bond with him as well.  I am so grateful for the people Heavenly Father has put me around!

There is no cooler lesson than eternal marriage and families.  I wish so badly that there was a temple in Sierra Leone.  I never ever realized the blessing of having a temple close by.  Something I like to think about.... Would heaven really be as awesome as it sounds if the people I love most in life weren't there to enjoy it with me??  I am so grateful for the covenants my parents have made in the temple and how blessed I am to be sealed to them.  I cannot wait to have my own family!!

Shout out to My papa bear for retiring this week!!  You've done good kid... you've done good.

also shout out to my sister Jenessa la pueps!  I have been thinking about you a lot and I hope you know I love you tons!  Hope you have a great week!

I love you all!

Elder cran man

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. Good luck to you on your mission.
    Jerry Ray Crandall
    High Country Ward
    San Antonio East Stake
    San Antonio, Texas