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Monday, June 30, 2014

Teaching a Pastor and a Catholic. :)

I had a really fun and effective week!  I was really focused on not wasting any of the Lords time and we were able to teach 10 more lessons than I have ever taught in this area!  I received a new companion and I knew the best way to show him that I am here to work... was to work hard these first 2 weeks and then it will be a habit for the rest of the transfer! 

Mission is so interesting.  Never have I wanted to be so close to the spirit.  All day long I am doing the best I can to create situations were others can feel God's love.  African's love to blast their music and it can be heard from miles away so it can be difficult sometimes... but when you witness the light appearing in someone's eyes who has been in darkness their whole life it is the coolest experience!

This week we taught these 2 twenty year old friends.  One is named A**** and has been taking very well to the lessons but after we teach him... his friend... the other one... I**** comes and tries to contradict what we say.  I**** is so smart and is very educated in the bible.  He is a pastor in another church (A****'s old church).  We have been teaching him about the priesthood and why it is necessary to do ordinances such as baptism.  He has been baptized in his church and has baptized many people.  We have been trying and trying to make it click in his brain.... well this week... I SAW that click!  The lesson started in a similar manner as lessons in the past of him coming to us with a bunch of scriptures that contradict what we believe... we were able to resolve those concerns.  I had  a feeling that we should teach him about how Christ set up his church while he was on earth.  He said that he knew that Christ was still alive and that for a person to be an apostle of Jesus Christ they have to actually have seen him and talk with him.  I just smiled so big I couldn't help it.  I just felt so strongly to teach about our current prophet and apostles.  I seriously saw light come into this guys eyes.  He was just filled with the spirit and he knew that everything we have been teaching him is true.  We showed him scriptures in the BofM that answered perfectly his questions.  He just kept saying.... I will do anything for the truth... I cannot wait to meet with him this week and explain more to him and help him to become a very strong member in this church! woooo!!

One of our other Investigators is M*** A***.  She is my favorite.  She is a 40 year old Elementary school teacher.  She was also once very Catholic (before she met me hehe).  She has been teetering on the fence lately trying to decide if she should be baptized again.  We took her to a baptism in our District center.  She said I want to witness this whole thing before I dive in and do it.  Well... she must have felt the spirit because as we were leaving the baptism some other people were asking her if she was a member and she said.. no But Elder Crandall is going to baptize me on the 19th and then I will be!! I over heard that and couldn't help but smile.  We met with her this Sunday and her desire to be baptized is so strong now!  She has run into a few problems with commandments that we just taught her... But I know that the Lord will provide a way for her.  Her desire is there... she just needs to follow it now.  The investigators who really become converted are the ones who have to overcome something so they can be baptized.  Oh I just love helping people change:)

We played Futbol today against what I am pretty sure is an organized team haha!  Missionaries vs. Sierra Leone.  We got wrecked!  Some of the missionaries were sooo angry and it made me really sad to see them forget their purpose so quickly just because of a game.  If you knew me before mission... you would know that I am a competitive kid and I like to have fun while I win... well... mission must be changing me or something because I have never been so happy while getting my trash kicked at soccer! haha! That was not the case for my companion though... lets hope this game doesn't effective the rest of his week ha!

This world is a nasty place.  It is so sad to see how some live their lives.  I feel perfectly comfortable with what I do as a missionary and I love how free I am from guilt and shame because of the Atonement.  People in this world do the best they can to try and hide or push away their guilt.... but it will never go away without the help of Jesus Christ.  I pray that if you ever feel guilt or shame... pray and ask Heavenly Father what to do.  He will put you on the perfect path.  We all need repentance and I know it is the key to living a righteous and happy life.  REPENT DAILY!!!!  There is nothing better than kneeling down at night and going over my day with Heavenly Father.  He helps me to recognize things I can improve and things that I am doing well.  With his help and guidance we can become perfect! Me personally... it will not happen in this life or even in the next millions years in the next life.  But through Christ I will be made perfect if I can but endure through this journey and keep fast to the covenants I have made!

I love life! I love Mission! I love My Father in Heaven!!!!

Love Elder Crandall the Vandal!

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