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Monday, June 2, 2014


WOOOOT!!  I found out this last tuesday that there is a "country club" nearby with a tennis court and so I asked the second counselor in the Branch presidency if he knew anything about it... turns out he is best friends with the guy who owns it so we set a time to come and I played for a whole hour today!!  I was in heaven!!!  It made me think a lot about the good times I have had with some of the best people I have met while playing tennis.  Especially my one and only dubs partner BABY Z (Zeke Richards) and my second dad ROY BOY (Royal Richards)  I have had more fun with these 2 then i didn't know was possible.  

The guy who owned it is apparently number 1 in sierra leone and he's been playing tennis since he was 12.  I loved that there was someone to play with because incase you didn't know... it takes 2 to play tennis.  Sadly... I bet I could take him no problem but I was just loving the moment.  I will send the pictures.  You will laugh and definitely wonder why I am playing in a junk yard but I was just so happy to play. I have no clue how old the raquets are or how the balls are even still bouncing. There are definitely not any lines and there was barely a net... but what do you expect!  Tennis is alive and well in Africa!! The guy I played told my I look like nadal when I play but I told him will forever be a Roger Federer fan!  My Main man FED!!!  

 I LOVE TENNIS!!  Maybe you can send the pics to the Utah State coach and tell him I am keeping up on my game and I will be joining them quite soon!  

 Well I have used my fun bar all up for today because after tennis we went and played futbol against the other zone in BO.  I am definitely beat and I can feel the sunburn radiating from my face haha! but it has been a very eventful day and I will never forget it!

So this week was District Conference in Bo so we were able to go to both Saturday session and Sunday session.  I love President Ostler so much.  Every time he speaks I feel a rush of the spirit just going through my body.  I swear he is always speaking right to me.  It was really nice to be spiritually fed.  All day everyday missionaries are trying to feed people the gospel and those who take a bite learn how good it tastes and realize they want more and more.  So i will try to put it simply... I was feasting at the conference.  

Something that I thought was really cool too was how basic and simple the talks were.  I have taught the lessons they were speaking on over 100 times... yet I was learning so much.  That is one of the reasons I love the spirit.  500 people can listen to the same talk and they can all walk away with a different feeling or impression of something specific they need to change in their own lives to become a better disciple of Christ.  I sure know there are things I can change so I can be a better, harder working, spirit bringing missionary.  I love the peace I feel when I know the spirit is working inside of me.  The spirit loves to be with us... but based on how we live are we blessed to have his presence.  I DO NOT want to do anything that would make the spirit leave me because he is starting to become like my best friend.  I love the spirit!!

I am really trying my best to pray that my spirit can control my body.  The second we start letting our body take over is when we fall into sin.  Jesus Christ is the best example of this.  He never sinned because he was so in control of the natural man.  Sometimes I get really tired from all the work we do in the hot sun and I just want to lie down and sleep.  That is my body trying to take over my spirit.  yes, sleep is necessary... but in no way to I want my sleep to be the reason someone didn't have the chance to learn about how to gain Salvation.  Fasting is a perfect example of letting our spirit control our body.  We give up a natural thing (food) to be given spiritual blessings.  I can remember when i was really really nervous to give my farewell talk, my dad suggested I try fasting.  I was able to make it through with only minimal tears rather than gallons of tears haha! Let me tell ya... the power of fasting is real.  Pray to let your spirit shine forth and be the ruler of your body!! I can really see a change.  My thoughts are much better and more focused.

One thing that is different here in Sierra Leone then back home is the frequency of Death.  I have met several people and even taught a couple people who have died.  All the time we will go to a person's house to teach and we find out that a brother or a aunt has passed away.  Death is not something I was very use to back home.  We take for granted how good of medical care we have in the United States.  Even this week, we are teaching a lady named monica.  She is probably 50+ and fell down and straight up shattered her arm.  The second I saw it I could tell it was broken in like 2 places.  She couldn't go to the hospital however because she doesn't have the money for it and all they would do is tell her... "yep.. that sucker is definitely broken"  I have seen a lot of deformities because of poor medical care.  

However, this makes teaching the plan of salvation and even the Resurrection so spiritual.  I love being able to explain to someone who has physical hindrances that they will be healed.  That is life is short.. and that God will make everything perfect in the next life.  It is all possible because of our Savior Jesus Christ.  He is just the most neatest person ever and I love him so much.  There is literally no way to explain the miracles that will happen because of the infinite Atonement that is so easily accessible to those who want it.

I love the uniqueness of my mission... it is hard.. but it is sooooo worth it!!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week.

Shout out to Brighton Tennis, Congrats at state! I loved being a bengal and playing in state!!  I loved the team we had last year and I know all of you guys will go on to do some sweet things!  Thanks Coach Natalie and Poole for all you guys do!

Love Elder Crandall

Oh and we are teaching a guy who owns a gym so I pumped for a little bit with him haha!

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