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Monday, December 21, 2015

December is a Month of Miracles

It is so fun being back in Palmdale and running into people I knew from my first time serving here.  I bumped into the Henderson Family! The coolest one so far though.... was seeing Trayona at Church!  She came back for the break to visit! I about fell over when I saw her at church I was so happy! She will be going to the temple to take out her endowments sometime this week!


So last week we had lost contact with S** one of our most progressing investigators.  We were pretty worried about her not returning our calls/texts or answering the door when we would come by.  We left straight from Bakersfield on tuesday and went straight to her house.  As we pulled up... she happened to be outside.  She very quickly told us that she didn't want to talk and that tonight wasn't a good night.  We felt the spirit prompt us to stay there and just keep talking to her.  Satan had definitely done a number on her and she was doubting almost everything we had taught her.  I've never hoped and prayed that I was worthy enough to know exactly what I needed to say.  It was a very humbling experience that reminded me how important it is to ALWAYS have the spirit to be with me.  We set an appointment with her for the next day at the church.  Elder Houghton and I were pretty worried that she just wouldn't show.  We fasted and prayed all day for her... word's do not express the real power that fasting has.  I've fasted in the past... but when your heart is really and sincerely in it... I know the Lord hears and will respond.  She showed up and we had one of the most bosom burning lessons we've taught in a while.  We were able to teach her again later on in the week and with the help of the Holy Ghost we were able to resolve all of her concerns.  She will be getting baptized this Saturday :)


A***. is one of my Hero's.  His family has been taught by the missionaries for the past year or so.  Elder Houghton and I prayed really hard to know the best route to take in helping this family come closer to Christ.  We decided put all our efforts into just teaching A***.... (the youngest of the family..13 yrs) He is a pioneer for his family.  He will be getting baptized this Saturday as well.  I've never met a more gung Hoe teenager.  He is so cool he even takes notes when we teach him!!!  I wish I had faith like that!


M** continues to travel all over the states driving trucks... but the very moment he sets foot in Palmdale he will be Baptized a member of the only true church on the earth!  He happened to be in Tampa today and was able to go to church... Last week the only one he could make it to was a YSA ward.  This man is dedicated!


We had a Christmas Morningside this week.  We watched "It's A Wonderful Life!" I've never seen it before but it was so good!  That was the first movie I've seen for 22 months that wasn't put out by the church!  We watched it with the thought in mind... "What would the world be like if I didn't go on a mission?"   I can't even imagine who I would be or what I would be doing if I didn't decide to serve a mission.  If there is any young man or woman who is questioning whether or not to go on a mission... GO! Don't think twice, just GO! There is not a single thing I regret about coming on a mission... the only bad thing about a mission is that it has to end.

Merry Christmas to everyone! I Can't wait to talk to my family!  



Elder Crandall the Vandal

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  1. This time of year and every holiday, my thoughts turn toward our missionaries and the sacrifices they make in order to bring the gospel to the people. I am very proud of you, Elder Crandall.. you truely represent the name Crandall very well and I know by reading your blog that you are a very dedicated missionary and you truely represent our Lord, Jesus Christ well also. I know your mission will end soon and you will have a chance to read this blog that your mother has so meticulously kept for you. I want to wish you the best in life and spirit and I hope that we may cross paths some day.

    Jerry Ray Crandall
    High Country Ward
    San Antonio East Stake
    San Antonio, Texas