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Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas is Coming!

I am still adjusting to being an assistant on the East Side of the mission because of all the travel.  We spend 2 days in Bakersfield so by the time we finally get down to Palmdale the week is half over!  I'm trying to adjust as fast as possible because I have no time to waste!


Elder Houghton was sick at the beginning of the week so it started off slower than normal.  I have been so blessed with a healthy body on my entire mission.  I noticed however that I get super antsy when I don't have anything to do! I was pretty much pacing from room to room trying to think of something I could do that would be effective!  I never thought staying busy would be so satisfying.


We spent the rest of the week playing catch up with all of our lessons and exchanges.  As soon as Elder Houghton was back to health we didn't slow down!


Friday evening we got a text from M** D**... he was making a special trip through Palmdale in hopes that we could set up a baptismal interview for him.  We were able to have a late night baptismal interview in which he passed with flying colors... We are just waiting now for him to come back in town and He will get baptized! I've never met someone so adamant and excited to follow Christ!


I was able to have dinner with my Hero.  Bishop M** is the most spiritual, loving, knowledgeable man I have and ever will meet.  It was such an honor to see him again and ask him all my deep questions that no one else has a clue on.  :) He even made me his specialty for dessert.. triple mac mountain chocolate something or other!  :)


My personal prayers have really improved lately.  I've noticed that as I pray for specific people my love for them grows!  It is so amazing that as busy as Heavenly Father is, He is never to busy and we are never too far from his reach.  He hears all of our prayers.  We are never unworthy to pray.  He cares and wants to help us with even the most minute of concerns.  I love my relationship with Him and I am excited to see how much stronger it will become throughout the rest of my life.


I've heard a lot of talk and worry lately about how the world is such a horrible place to live now days.  As I read in Mosiah this week the spirit was very warm and reassuring.  Abinadi stood up face to face against the world.  He knew from the very start that he was going to be killed for his testimony. He made sure he delivered God's message before they could put their hands on him.  He was so straight up and bold.  He wasn't doing this to be offensive but to point out to the people at that time that they needed to change.  We cannot change with the world... we need to stand firm by God and His commandments.  If we have changed... then we need to run away from those bad friends, bad influences, and our own natural man. Alma didn't stick around, he felt the spirit and acted on it!!


Love Elder Crandall the Vandal


#ASaviorIsBorn (Taken after MLC last week)

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