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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pictures from September 2, 2014

My sister went to visit Cody a few days after being in Salt Lake.  We had permission for a one time visit, so I had to really make the most of the opportunity.  I sent him lots of his favorite things from home so he would know that I still knew his favorites and that I would do anything I could for him.  I was so excited to be able to send volume after being able to send so little to Sierra Leone because the cost of shipping to Sierra Leone was so outrageous and there was no guarantee the packages would make it.  A huge thank you to you sister for letting me fill up her car and for making the arrangements to take everything to him and treat him and his companion to lunch.  (Sorry, the lunch pictures are sideways and I can't seem to rotate them, so you don't get to see them.  It looks as though she took him to a buffet though, which is a huge treat for a missionary.  Sorry, I deleted that picture all together). 
The greatest thing about these pictures is the never ending smile on his face.  His smile is just as big in the California Bakersfield mission as it was in the Sierra Leone Freetown mission.  I love his attitude and his choice to be happy.  Sure love you Cody.  You are an awesome missionary. 

According to his Aunt, the thing he liked the most were the tennis balls.

Cody with his Aunt Bets.  So Awesome.
Aunt Bets says "I got my first autographed copy of the Book of Mormon."
Missionaries taking care of business.

Elder Billings from Springville and Elder Crandall.

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