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Monday, September 8, 2014

God is Good!

So many awesome things happened this week and I never feel like I have enough time to share them all!  I just want you all to know how awesome Heavenly Father is and that no matter what problem we are facing... he will do what is best for us whether we like it or not! 

I got to see Aunt Bets!! It was so awesome!  I felt giddy and happy the whole time!  She looks just like you mom and you have similar voices so I felt like I was really at lunch with my momma:)  It made me realize that missionaries can be far from home.... but that the Love for family is immediate!  I couldn't help but squeal when I saw her in the parking lot!  I love ya Aunt Bets!  P.S.  Don't forget to read past that first page I wrote;)

So that was just the perfect start to my week! I felt so energized and excited to work the rest of the week!  We keep working hard... and miracles keep happening... must be some kind of coincidence...NOT!  There are no coincidences with God!  I set tons of little goals just between me and God in prayer... and I kid you not I received an answer to every single one!

For Example, I KNEW that if we worked hard for the last 30 minutes before lunch one day that we could find a new investigator and teach them a powerful lesson.  Well we stopped at a potentials house..... Nothing.... so we were walking back to the car and contacted 2 very Black women.... Nothing that day, but one of those black ladies became a new investigator the next day. But still I had felt that we could teach a powerful lesson and get a new investigator THAT day.... so we turned to the house that was behind us and figured.. let's go for it!! BOOM... just like that we found and Awesome new investigator and taught a powerful Restoration lesson!  Pretty cool right!  When God gives us a feeling... and we act on it then only good things will come of it... if we don't... then we are the ones saying no to the blessings he wants to give us!

This Sunday we had an investigator come for the first time with her 3 kids.  I was so excited but really stressed because her kids are NUTZ!  I can't even explain how wild her little one is.  She also suffers from high anxiety so I was just worried that she was miserable the entire time.  She had her hands full because 2 of her kids didn't want to leave her side.  I prayed that they would be reverent during the sacrament... and they were great and didn't make any distraction!! however... after that.... they made their fair share haha!  I was so stressed because I just really wanted her to feel the spirit and I was afraid she wasn't... I had a laugh attack in the hall with my companion right after we showed them where relief society was.  It reminded me of all the times I have done homework with Brandon Wild and we would just burst into laughter because we had no clue how to do what we were doing!  After church I just kept telling myself she had a horrible time at church and that she probably wouldn't want to put herself through that again... I even fasted specifically for her to just feel the spirit once.  I really didn't feel like that prayer was answered... until... we went to her house that night to see what she thought of church... and for some reason I do not know.... SHE LOVED IT.... blew my mind... she definitely wasn't just saying that to make us feel happy either... She kept talking about how beautiful it was and how friendly all these random strangers were to both her and her kids.  She said she can't wait for next week... she is just gonna do things different... like not forget her diaper bag so that when Her 2 year old does a blow out in sacrament she can change him! haha  She said that there were 2 testimonies given that she felt like they were describing her life and as they talked she felt really good. BOOM! answer to prayer!  When I got home from talking to her I couldn't help but say a prayer of relief and amazement at how even when I might think something didn't go well... Heavenly Father will make it great in someone else's eyes.

We fed a Peacock today.

I think I found my missionary mom.  She is a sheriff in Palmdale with 3 little boys.  We do laundry at her house and is just awesome!  We helped her sand her kitchen shelves while we just drilled her with questions about her job and guns and all that jazz!

Went on exchanges this week and rode a bike for the first time in a while.  I am definitely out of shape and riding a bike that is too small wasn't any help... I just wanted to fit in with all the gangsters that ride their little bikes around town. 

Can't wait for this next week and I can't believe I have already been in this area for 3 weeks! Time flies!

Shout out to Matthew "Grinds" Coffey.  I love you.  I can't imagine what you are going through... but the Savior can.  He can bring you the strength and peace you need.  I will never forget how great of a friend you have been to me and all the awesome adventures we have been on.  You'll see your dad again and how great that day will be.  My prayers are with you.

Love Elder Crandall the Vandal

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