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Friday, October 9, 2015

Elder Crandall's sister sent him on his mission with envelopes filled with letters from various people at home.
Written on the outside, it told him when he could open each letter.  It looks as though this one was a bit confusing to him.
The first letter was opened when he was on the airplane, on his way to the MTC in Ghana. 
I'm wondering if this is one of the last ones.  Only 4 months left, so there couldn't be too many more.

Elder Crandall and Elder Barrick with the father of another missionary fro Sierra Leone.  Elder Lehr was reassigned to
the Louisiana Baton Rouge mission when he was evacuated from Sierra Leone.  Elder Crandall and Elder Lehr were
in the same apartment when Elder Crandall first arrived in Salone.  They ran in to Brother Lehr at the Los Angeles temple.

Elder Crandall and Elder Barrick.  Salone brothers and Bakersfield brothers as well.  So amazing.

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