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Monday, August 10, 2015

"That's always a bonus day" - Oildalian (person from Oildale)

There have been so many things that have happened this week! I'm so grateful for each week I have to be a missionary.  There is no other place I would rather be than sharing the gospel in Bakersfield California.  There is a Vivint salesman in our ward right now who is hooking us up with some of the sweetest referrals... I'm thinking about being a salesman after the mission just so I can still go door to door and share the gospel with people! haha

I went on exchanges with Elder Loertscher this week!  He use to be in my zone when I was in Palmdale so it was really nice being able to catch up on the good times we had in Ana Verde and he filled me in on all the things I've missed since I've been in Bakersfield.  We hit the ground running and made a commitment to each other that we would talk to EVERY single person we saw.  I can honestly say there wasn't one person we didn't talk to.  What was even greater is that we tried teaching and testifying very quickly to help prick their hearts with the spirit so they would have more interest.  We found so many people together and if it wasn't for the sun going down we would have kept it up all night!!  I love talking with new people I don't know and being able to give them the chance to receive salvation!  The more you do it.... the more fun it gets!

Awesome things happened with R** this week.  So we got a text from her Saturday morning telling us she would have to reschedule our lesson for the day because she had to go get a car battery.  We were pretty bummed and a little worried when she didn't text us back when we asked if she was still coming to church.  We decided to drop by that night and see if she got her car fixed.  She was there with her 3 kids who we hadn't met yet.  They are ages 17, 16 , and 15.  We were able to go in and share with them our testimonies and invited them to be baptized.  They all accepted and 2 of them came with Rita to church the next morning!  We ended up going over that evening and had hamburgers with them.  We taught them the Restoration and invited them all to read and find out for themselves if the Book of Mormon was true.  The Spirit was thick and potent in their house! It was incredible!  R** basically bore her testimony about how she already knows this is true and she knows this is the church she was praying to find.  She told Elder Horan and I that we were her Angels.  Nothing beats saving souls! :)

You would never hear me say this before my mission... but I love setting goals and making plans!  When I think I can do something... pray for the Lord's help... and then do all I can to make it happen... It happens!!!! "Goals without plans are just wishes" -Sister Larsen.  Ask and you shall receive... knock and it shall be opened unto you!  The times when you don't think it will happen.. it won't! Heavenly Father is ready and willing to help us out with whatever we ask for that is righteous!  He may not always give us the answer in the way we expect but he will give us one! 

Our mission Leadership Council was pretty awesome this past week.  I've developed a greater love for training in large groups.  I'm not the best public speaker... but I've seen a huge improvement from the beginning of my mission! 

Shout out to Sarah Sturt! Congrats on finishing your mission! It is weird to think 18 months ago we both left the same week to the MTC!  You are the neatest!

Elder Crandall the Vandal

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