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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Here it is!

(The title of this email is because his letter is a couple of days late this week, but I am not complaining.  He has never missed, so I knew it would come).

It has been a great week filled with lots of exchanges and lots of time to do missionary work!  This was the first week so far this transfer that we didn't have a meeting or a training.  There is nothing better than getting to work a whole day straight in your own area! Then be able to do it several times a week! I'm definitely wiped out but it was worth it to see and have all the experiences that we did. 

We had a really great lesson with a born again Christian this week who has already come to church one time.  He was really confused about the difference between our church and others.  We had taught him the restoration the first time we met him... but it was interesting to me that people will hear you... but until they have a desire to learn what you have to say... they won't actually listen.  We retaught Priesthood Authority and how it was restored.  The spirit touched him and he kept saying... WOW! I wish I'd have known this before! haha He so badly wants to be close to the spirit.  After explaining that he could have the Gift of the Holy Ghost given to him by that Authority and that it would never leave him based on his own actions he kept saying Hallelujah!! haha it was great!

We had dinner with the car czar Elder Morris, his family, the Shelton’s, and all the assistants on Monday.  We got into a conversation about near death experiences and how they really change a person’s perspective of this life.  Whether someone is religious or not… when they have a near death experience and get a glimpse of the next life… they can’t deny that there is something after this life.  The more and more we shared our experiences the thicker the spirit became.  There is a saying that the second most sacred place to the temple is your own home.  The spirit was so strong that it felt like I was in the temple.  Members’ homes are the perfect refuge from worldly influences.  I am so thankful that I’ve learned to recognize and crave the spirit.  We can do all things if we have the spirit with us!

In my Krio Bible…Galations 5:22-23 (Fruit of the Spirit)  Bot God in Spirit go mek pipul lek den kompin, I go mek den gladi, I go mek den no de mek plaba, I go mek den ebul bia trobul, en I go mek den de ep den kompin motalman, I go mek den de du gud to oda pipul, I go mek den tru to den kompin, I go mek pipul put den yay don en I go mek den no jes de du wetin den at gi den fo du. No lo no de we tok bot den tin ya.

I couldn’t say it better myself!:)  If you have troubles understanding… look it up and translate it. Krio is the bestJ

Shout out to Elder Matheny… or I guess, Tanner Matheny… My mom told me all about your homecoming talk and said you knocked it out of the park! Miss you bud!

Love Elder Crandall the Vandal

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