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Monday, April 27, 2015

Mucho Miracles

I wish I could make some of these days slow down sometimes so I remember all of the little details.  This week was like a rocket.... super fast and on fire! haha  

C** V** was baptized on Saturday!  Her whole family came out and supported her! All of her siblings were coming up asking if they could be baptized too... so I guess we'll baptized em;)  She is such an awesome young lady.  It is amazing what happens to a family when one person acts upon the feelings that come from the Spirit.  C** got a temple recommend this Sunday and will be going down to L.A. this weekend to do baptism for the dead with all of the youth in the ward.  I will undergo any amount of stress or pain to see someone choose to accept the gospel for themselves and develop a personal relationship with God.  I was able to confirm her on Sunday as well as pass the sacrament, and give a talk.  There was so much on my plate that I didn't have even a second to worry haha!  Staying busy=Happy Elder Crandall

We made an investigator $35 today... we commited her to live the Word of Wisdom... So we were able to take back her unopened coffee, and coffee maker for her! She's had it for a month or so and said she didn't really know why she hadn't opened it yet... but sounds like the spirit sure whispered something to her:)  If you set your mind to doing something... then with the Lord's help you can do it!
Another Story of the same investigator... She made 2 manda's... which are promises in the mexican culture.  She promised herself that she would never smoke again... and later.... that she would never drink again.  Both of which she has kept her promises.  It is just cool to me how God prepares people to hear and live the Gospel. 

I was able attend the temple this Friday! We take the departing missionaries every transfer.  I am not a big fan of driving in traffic... however, I am a big fan of the Celestial room.  That place is the closest thing to Heaven.  Wow it feels good.

There is going to be quite a bit of chaos coming up tomorrow with transfers. It isn't as fun anymore when transfers come around... I already know all the secrets. ha

Shout out to Haley Babe! Well done thou good and faithful servant.  I hope to be half the missionary that you have been.  You've put a lot of heart, tears, and tough work into your mission. I love you! One day we are going to be leading a whole host of heaven at DANCE TIME! haha

Love Elder Crandall

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