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Monday, March 9, 2015

Last Week of the Transfer is This Week :(

I love optimism.... why look at things or life in a negative way... There are so many good things that can be focused on so that we don't need to dwell on the negative. "the best way to wake up with a smile on your face every single morning is to put a hanger in your mouth the night before." -Some Apostle.
This morning we were doing laundry at the Soukup's house and Robin (the mom) wanted to surprise Brian (the dad) by moving all of the massive rocks they have in their front yard to a better looking spot.   At one point, we needed to pull a rock a certain way so she was literally pulling the rock with her sit down lawn mower from inside the house!  She is my hero.  Her quote for the day was... "Bad decisions make for Great stories" haha and here I am telling you a great story based off a bad... yet successful decision :)  Elder Burke and I also got our morning work out that's for sure!
We had a zone training meeting this week that went really well.  We really wanted to focus on faith and miracles because without the 2 then missionary work is impossible.  It is so easy to get down on yourself, your companion, your area and to feel like everything isn't going the way you want it to when you are a missionary.  Well, as easy as it is to do that... I think it is even easier to do just the opposite.  If you want to be happy and enjoy something... then you make the best of what you've got.  When you are living by the commandments and following the Spirit... You should expect miracles.  
So in order to get our zone excited and pumped we read all of Ether 12 together and discussed it.  Right after that, we sang "Faith" the primary song and had everyone stand up.  We taught them the hand motions that I made and we sang it about 4 times together.  Oh boy, I wish I could describe the smiles that were just beaming while we were doing that!! The only experience I can compare it to was when I was back home jumping on the tramp with 6 of my best friends singing the "Doe Ray Me" song at the top of our lungs! Pure joy:)
I am really starting to grasp the idea that we all have unique talents.  There is not a missionary cookie cutter piece that everyone fits into.  If we don't add our own pazzaz to things then we won't enjoy because we are trying to be someone we are not.  There are certain rules that you do need to follow... but within those rules the World is your Oyster!!... whatever that means!! hahaha
I can't wait for this next week!  I'm not going to let a single person past me without trying my best to make their day!  We have a lot of awesome investigators that we are enjoying working with.  My goal is to love the investigators that I haven't found yet just as much as the ones I am teaching right now.... meaning... I'm gonna try to love anyone and everyone!
Who knows where I will be going at the end of this transfer or if I get to dig my roots even deeper into the work I've started here. Regardless, I will be happy:)
I love you all.
Shout out to Haley Babe! Can't believe you and I are so a like.  Happy birthday coming up!!!

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