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Monday, March 30, 2015

Hi Fan Club....I mean Mom.

Elder Matheny and I got down on our knees this past week and decided we wanted to really put forth our faith and decide with Heavenly Father how many baptism's we could have while we are together.  We prayed and then discussed, then prayed again and discussed... and so on etc.... until we really felt confident.  We know that we can have 15 baptisms in our area.  We as leaders not only need to talk the talk but walk the walk.  There are many things that are required of us to reach this goal... and there are many things that are out of our hands.  As you consecrate yourself to the work you will see miracles.  Tan wrote me an awesome letter that had a fantastic definition of a miracle that is now hanging above my study desk... Miracle: A natural result of correctly applied principles.  Basically, when you have faith that something can happen and you do your part to achieve that... then naturally amazing things are going to happen!  I'm pretty positive that Heavenly Father wants his children baptized..... and so I'm pretty positive He is going to help us accomplish this! haha

A miracle for the week.  We went to follow up with a man that we taught a week ago... but he didn't actually live at the house we talked to him at... However, a lady named J** came to the door and boy oh boy is she a talker.  after about 30 minutes of her talking I just jumped in and said.. "J**, I would love to have you come to church with us tomorrow." She said she would come... and the next morning when we called her she was all dressed and ready to go!  She had a fantastic time and we will be meeting with her this week to help her feel the spirit some more.

I talked to some Jehovah's witness's this week and asked them about some of their Doctrine.  It is a bummer sometimes to hear what other people think Heaven is like.  I am so thankful for the Plan of Salvation and the fact that it is taught to us by Latter Day prophets.  I can't even fathom the Celestial Kingdom and how happy I will be there with my family.  

We are still trying our very best to help the V** family (PM family... we are teaching all the kids).  It is so hard to choose right when you are surrounded by a lot of bad.  That is why the Gospel is so awesome though... Once you feel the change come from the inside... You want to take yourself away from temptations and evil.  

General Conference is going to be a slice of Heaven.  I know that there are going to be some very powerful, bold, and personal talks given.  It was really easy for me last conference to constantly be thinking... Dang, this would be a perfect talk for so and so... This time, if I get that impression, which I am sure I will... that person better be sitting right next to me listening or receiving an email talking about what I felt the Spirit from.  We are so very blessed to hear from the man who is the messenger for God.  What comes out of his mouth is indeed words from God just as the scriptures are.

I encourage any and all to work as hard as you can at whatever you are doing.  No one ever feels good about something they put half their heart into.  Being lazy is for the weak and ain't nobody got time for that.  God has given us so much time to polish and perfect our many talents.  It is not always bad to come up short... but it is to be short in effort.  The Atonement covers what we can't.

I heard a funny quote in church yesterday. "someone once asked... what do you have to do to be a successful member? Answer: Show up.... and say yes"

God is hastening his work... He won't wait for any of us...It is our job to Keep up.  

I am so grateful for many things... and especially the times in my life that I learned to use the Atonement.  I have been the closest to my Heavenly Father through the rough and stressful times rather than the easy breezy beautiful times. Take the time to realize when God has really put his hand in your life and it is amazing to see He is and always will be there.

I love you all!

Elder Crandall the Vandal

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