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Monday, December 8, 2014


I was sooo nervous and stressed going into this past week.  We had a leadership meeting Wednesday, a meeting with the Stake President on Thursday, a Zone Training Meeting on Friday, and our last exchange with a District Leader.  Just thinking about what was coming scared me out of bed every morning so I would get to work.  With all of this going on.... we had one of our best proselyting weeks.  God is so awesome.  If he wants something done... he will help you to find a way to accomplish it... every time!  We have 3 baptisms this coming Saturday that I can't stop smiling about every time it comes to mind.  They have all come a long way and are changing every time we meet with them.

On exchanges Elder Hyde and I have really wanted to be able to show our missionaries that miracles are real and that they can happen everyday.  I prayed real hard that I would be able to find a new investigator and set them with a date.  Well, because of weird circumstances... we only had 3 hours to proselyte and all three hours we had set lessons.... so I was curious to how it was going to happen.  Well, if you pray for something that is good and in agreeance with God's will... then prepare yourself... cause He is gonna help you out with it!  We had  30 minutes before we needed to be home and we went to one of our planned appointments.  The guy we were hoping to see wasn't there so we talked to his brother... Taught him the restoration... and set him with a date! BOOM!  Knock and Daniel will open unto you... Ask and he will receive the baptismal date of Jan. 24 haha

The Christmas Devotional was incredible.  It was almost like Heavenly Father's treat for me at the end of the week.  "Elder Crandall.... just sit back.... I'm about to explode your insides with the amazing feelings of the spirit."  Probably word for word what Heavenly Father wanted to say to me right before I watched it.  I am just a sucker for stories like the one Elder Christofferson shared.  It is good to hear about people going the extra mile to make memories that will last an eternity.

Well, after that.... I thought I had felt the Spirit to the brim for the night.... but apparently Heavenly Father likes to stretch our souls sometimes and cram all the happy feelings He can inside.  We went to the Kangs house... (Pauline and Robert are being baptized this Saturday).... and watched the Restoration video with them.  Pauline is easily distracted and so we really wanted her to have a powerful spiritual experience before she was baptized.  I told her to really focus on the feelings she felt as we watched the movie.  She didn't move once from her seat or look at her phone.  She was glued to the T.V..  Afterwards, we asked her what she felt... and she explained the exact feelings I felt in that moment.  It was a cool experience for me too because I felt the Spirit in a different way than I have before... yet we both had the exact same feeling.  We pointed out to her that that is how God speaks to us.  She was so excited to be feeling God's love.  We promised her that she will have that feeling constantly once she is baptized and receives the Holy Ghost.  Awesome Sunday.

Shout out to Jesus Christ.  Thank you for being the perfect gift.  Thank you for continuously giving your love and support.  I love you Brother.
Elder Crandall

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