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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas was DA BEST

This last week was soooo much fun.  We worked hard when we worked and we played hard when we played.  Since it was the week of Christmas we weren't able to meet with as many people because they were either out of town or busy... but we found some new investigators so that was pretty rewarding.

Family is everything.  I can't express how great it was to talk with you guys.  I know that the Lord is not only blessing me while I am on a mission but he is blessing you as well... and for that... I will always do my best... because I want the best for my family.  You are in my prayers daily.

We made the COOLEST fort you could imagine on Christmas eve... took me back to the good ole days.  That will definitely become a Crandall tradition when I am a daddy.

I realized once again how awesome the Ana Verde ward is.  They made sure we missionaries were taken care of and well fed.  The Soukups, Spencers, Giffords, Hendersons and Macfarlanes are practically family.

R*** K*** spent Christmas in the Hospital.  He got another issue on his other bum cheek.  We went and visited him.  He was very tender but it was apparent how much he appreciated us stopping by.  He is going to look dang good in the new ties we got him:)

I want you all to know that I know this is Jesus Christ Church because this is the only place that the FULL Gospel is taught and the full authority to teach it and administer the ordinances is found.  The book of mormon is the BEST book you could read if you want to develop a personal testimony of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ suffered for me personally and helps me daily to overcome my struggles and temptations.  Eventually through my relationship with the Savior I will be able to become like Heavenly Father and live with my Family for eternity. This life is a test... The Holy Ghost whispers the answers to us every minute of everyday as long as we are willing to listen and act.  Helping others to find the answers to this test is life changing.  When you teach someone about a subject you in return learn and grow.  Let's pass the test and help everyone we can to pass theirs as well!

John 13:8  If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me.  

Let the Atonement work in your life.  Don't walk away from the cleansing power that comes through repentance.

Shout out to Nick Tracy.... Happy birthday!!! and Happy year mark!!! I will never forget the sleep overs at my house on Saturday nights so that we could get each other up and go to church! Thanks for being such a good example to me!

Shout out to my fee fi fo nana bo banna banana!  I love you. You make good shakes.  You can probably still do the splits... and for that I will forever be impressed.  Don't worry... be happy!

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