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Monday, December 15, 2014

Crandall, K***, and the C***s

We had an awesome time this week.  We had one of our best teaching weeks we've ever had.  This ward has been doing such a great job at supporting us missionaries.  We were able to teach 9 lessons with members help... we normally only teach about 4 or 5 on a good week. 

Alright... Now time for the fun stuff.  So Elder Hyde and I promised each other that we would do ALL we could to help the K***'s and R** C*** be baptized this last Saturday... and oh boy that is a promise we kept... but it wasn't easy haha!  So brother K*** had a boil on his behind that was removed 2 or so weeks ago.  He has had a nurse come over every day since to change his bandage.  Well, she normally comes right around the time the baptism was being held... so he told her not to come that day... and instead... he asked us if we would bring him some Neosporin he could put on before he put on the water proof bandaid.  We got to his house and the first thing he said was... "I'm sorry Elders" we both looked at each other very confused and were expecting him to say something like... I can't make it to my baptism... but instead... he let us inside and handed us a big bag of rubber gloves.  In that moment we realized how real our promise to do all we could to help him be baptized was haha! So he layed on the couch while we changed his bandage for him! haha!  I pray that I never get a boil back there... cause that thing looked ridiculously painful! haha..

So after being scarred by looking at a little Asian mans bum....I was really excited to feel the spirit at the baptism! haha  We got there and helped everyone find their baptismal clothing... There were 4 people being baptized by 4 different people so it was pretty fun trying to figure out what clothing would fit.  R** C*** was baptized by Brother Bird (reminds me of dad and Uncle Greg... he is my favorite)  Elder Hyde baptized P** K**.  I baptized R** K***.  L*** L** baptized his wife K*** L*** (really awesome because he was less active for a LONG time and saw the Elders on the side of the road... told them to come by... and 2 months later he was worthy and ready to baptize his wife).  I don't know if you could tell by their name... but the L**'s are Tongan... so their WHOLE family came.  We ended up having the baptismal service in the chapel.  I seriously love the glow on a newly baptized person.  They are always bright and smiley!  After the baptism... we had a luau in the relief society room.  I was in heaven.  I love food!!  The baptism couldn't have been any more perfect than it was.

Later that same night was our ward's Christmas party.  It reminded me of B-27's Christmas party.  All of our newly baptized friends came and had a blast.  2 mega feasts in one day! WOOT!  We sang a Christmas carol with the bishop and his wife as part of their Christmas tradition.  We are also going caroling with them tonight with some non-members... I'm stoked!

Church was awesome this week. Everyone was confirmed and I was given the opportunity to do P***'s confirmation.  I just followed the whisperings of the Spirit and it was a great experience for both her and me. 

Later day we went and helped sister Mc*** make carmel popcorn... and then we went over to the C***'s for a bbq.  It was R** C***'s birthday on Sunday and he received the best gift he ever could, a new best friend... the Holy Ghost. He looked happier than I have ever seen him and I asked him how he felt now that he had the Holy Ghost.  He said "I am so much happier and I don't even know why!"  I Love the C***'s soooooo much.  J** was definitely one of my homies in the pre-earth life.  Guess what... he and I both thought I would be leaving... so he gave me a snowboard!!! haha!  So now I have a snowboard that I have to figure out how to get home!  One of the best days I've had on my mission for sure.

That night we got transfer calls... It was a 50-50 chance that I would be transferred.... When we found out  we were both staying.... Elder Hyde and I both yelped out a girlish scream! (maybe just me.... but I was so loud that he might have too haha).  I am so pumped to be with him for another transfer!  We have not had a single day that we didn't laugh hard and work hard.  I get to stay with my home ward for Christmas and it is going to be a blast! 

I could just keep going with all the awesome things that happened this week... but I'll call it quits and send you pictures instead! I love you all!

Shout out to Jen... Glad you are alive.  That car reck looked pretty intense.  You seem to be car accident prone... just glad you didn't bump your head this time.  I love you and I am so grateful you are MY sister!

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