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Monday, November 10, 2014

Last Week of the Transfer

It has been busy as always in the Anaverde ward this past week.  The tripanionship was a blast and we had some really powerful lessons.  I've had this feeling lately that I need to be preparing for something a little bit tougher and a little bit more stressful but I didn't know what it was.  Well, I got a call from President Wilson Saturday night and not gonna lie when he asked if he could talk with me in private I thought something happened to my family because that was the only reason he would be calling... or so I thought.  He said he had 2 things to talk to me about.  First, he was releasing me as a district leader.  Secondly, he was calling me to be a zone leader for the Palmdale zone.  It was a little cold outside and I think that's what I'll blame my jittery voice replying "absolutely" rather than the nervousness of my new responsiblilty.  I am really excited but man oh man... I thought I was already as busy and stressed as I could get! haha

Funny for the week.  We were at a baptism and my companions were giving the missionary minute while the person who was baptized was getting changed.  Then the witnesses realized that when he was baptized his full name wasn't said because they left off Jr.  So they had to do the baptism again.  Thank goodness Christ gives us 2nd chances! However, the part that cracked me up was right after Elder Harper gave the first vision... a guy sat back on his iPhone and siri went off and said.... "I'm sorry, I missed that"  There could have been no worse/better timing for that to go off.  Satan knows that the first vision brings the spirit like no other so he has found a way to cause some distraction every single time haha!

We had a bbq with our investigators J** and his son R**.  He made some dang good ribs.  He kept saying he wanted to repay us for all that we have done for him.  We were watching Mormon messages while we were eating.  He loved them and kept saying how proud he was to be a Mormon.  He has to wait over a year to be baptized but none the less he feels 100% loved and if he keeps it up I will definitely be traveling back to Palmdale to be a part of his baptism! 

I'm really glad I am staying in this ward.  I feel so at home and so connected with many of the members.  We had a lot of help from them this week and were able to teach 8 lessons with a member there to add their testimony.  Testimony is powerful and is all that is need sometimes to pierce a hard heart. We are still working with T** but she is going to need to figure this out between her and God. 

T** T** went to the temple for her first time this Saturday and sent me a text right after saying she just experienced heaven.  She then lead music for her first time the next day as the new chorister in the ward.  It was awesome to see the light that is now a part of her. She might not have had the timing right... but who really watches the chorister anyway.... oh wait... everyone.... because she is just a big prism of light! haha

Love, ME

shout out to my wampa bear!  I love you and I loved your letter.  Glad you got to spend time with my favorite sister at the game!  Don't you worry about me, I'm not in Africa;)

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