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Monday, November 17, 2014

What a week

I really love being on a mission.  I can say that every single week I have had on my mission has been amazing.  I might not have had things go the way I wanted... but I have learned what I need to in order to improve.  God knows how to give perfect gifts.. He isn't going to give us exactly what we want all the time... because we don't know what is best for us.  That's why we have Him... to help us learn!

I was able to do a lot of service for Bishop McFarlane this week.  He has a tractor that he uses to move rocks and wood around his property... but this last week it was mainly used to carry us missionaries :)  He also let us shoot his bow and pet his horses!  Safe to say it was a really fun week with a lot of exhausting service!
We also went up on Friday and had a breakfast/2hour study with the bishop and the Anaverde District.  He is an institute director so he knows his stuff.  I love doctrinal conversations more than food.... and I love food more than life itself haha.  We talked a lot about Isiah and how it is hard to understand... but once you break through the wall and start to figure out what it is saying... there is a reason why the Savior advises that we study from it!  The scriptures are awesome and taking the time to read and ponder them everyday will help you with your daily decisions.

My new companion is Elder Hyde.  He has been out 6 months longer than I have.  He is really dedicated to the work and is an awesome leader.  I am stoked to serve with him.  We have already been laughing quite a bit together:)
We were asked to teach Gospel principles this week in church.  We talked about the Gathering of Israel.  I like teaching a subject that I don't know much about because it gives me the opportunity to learn.  It ended up being a really great lesson and I realized that the Gathering of Israel in simple terms is missionary work.  We as members and missionaries are fulfilling prophesies when we open our mouths and share what we know to be true.

We were going over to a less actives house one night and we saw this husband and wife outside talking by their car.  I had a really strong feeling to talk to them and to start testifying.  They had a bunch of crazy little kids running around the yard but we were able to have an incredible lesson with them.  We taught them the restoration and I have never seen a more focused person with so much chaos going on around.  The wife, C**, asked some really good questions that helped us to know she really understood our message.  I didn't even get the baptismal invitation all the way out of my mouth before she blurted out yes to being baptized!  The husband said yes as well.  They looked at us like we were the answer to the problems they had been having.  I know they were able to feel the Spirit and I can't wait to continue teaching them.  The Spirit is a taste of eternal life... and they sure got a bite of the celestial while we were there!  Can you imagine what we and they would have missed out on if we didn't go and talk to them?  People are prepared and we have to listen to the promptings of the Spirit or we will walk right past them.
Love you all!  

Shout out to RACH! Happy Birthday!! You are so awesome, thanks for being so great to my bro... I love having you in the Fam!

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