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Monday, January 4, 2016

White New Years!

This past week was great!  I have been thinking a lot about putting trust in God and his timing.  As a missionary when things don't go the way as planned it is easy for me to look at myself and say..."because I did something I shouldn't have, or didn't do something I should have this isn't working out." However, God's plan goes much deeper than that.  He gives his children agency for a reason.  Without it we would never develop into better people.  When things go wrong we should look at the situation from a different angle and ask.  "What am I suppose to learn from this?"  God knows what is RIGHT for his children and he has a way of making it happen. 


3 Nephi 18:20


20 And whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is right, believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given unto you.


He will always give us what we need not what we want!


M** D** was Baptized!  He is so inspiring to me! His leg is broken so it was interesting preparing him to get wet.  I've never seen an investigator go the extra mile like M**! He shaved his own leg so were able to duct tape a plastic bag over his splint!  He still hasn't been to a doctor that has begun to treat him... so he probably should have made an appointment with a doctor on Friday... but instead he made an appointment with the Lord.  He was baptized on New Years day! I'm sure he won't ever forget the day he was reborn!:)  I can't think of a better New year's resolution! haha


Transfers will be this week.  This will be my last one.  We found out that we are no longer able to do transfer meetings after this one... So it is going to be chaos next transfer trying to get everyone in their new area with their new companion! 


On exchange this week I was able to go with a missionary that has only been out for a transfer.  It was fun to talk to him about how when I was a new missionary I went on an exchange with one of my assistants in Sierra Leone.  On that exchange He encouraged me to write down 3 goals that I wanted to accomplish by the end of my mission.  They were... 1. Learn how to forgive myself and apply the atonement. 2. Learn to love the people of Sierra Leone with all my heart. 3. Leave every single area better than I found it.  I am happy to say, I feel as though I have accomplished all 3 of them. Even though I am no longer in Africa I have an enormous amount of love for the People of Sierra Leone.  I also love these liberal Californian's more than I thought possible!:) haha


I love my mission!!!


Love, Elder Crandall the vandal

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