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Thursday, September 10, 2015

We Did It!

This was such a packed week! Transfers went smoother than I think they ever have.  We planned well enough that there weren't any last minute surprises thankfully haha!

So some members gave us a gift card this last week with quite a bit of money on it to LOGAN'S Roadhouse.  All 4 of us Assistants decided we should treat ourselves after such a busy week.  Let's just say we splurged. I definitely got shrimp and it was amazing! haha We were all stuffed as could be when I pulled out my wallet and pulled out the gift card.  Well, little did Elder Crandall know we were at ORIGINAL Roadhouse! haha! So I asked the waiter if she'd let it slide but to no avail.  We ended up having to cover the check with our funds... so it is safe to say I will be eating top ramen the rest of the month! haha Except... we still have a gift card to Logan's;) haha

R** M** was baptized on Saturday!!  It was such an amazing experience for everyone who came to support her.  She was just smiling from ear to ear the whole time with tears in her eyes.  After she was baptized she had prepared a 7 page testimony that she shared.  It was so cool to hear her talk about how God helped her find the path.  The littlest things like being broken into will lead you to end up finding the straight and narrow.  She was a referral from a vivint salesman.  Her road is so hidden and disguised that we would never have even found her street if we weren't told to try by.  She is one of the most converted people I've seen.  There is a quote in Preach My Gospel that says "you can't convert someone beyond your own conversion," but I think we may have! haha  She made enchiladas Saturday night for a baptism get-together she threw Sunday after church.  However,  she was up past midnight and couldn't taste test it... because she knew it was Fast Sunday!  

Mission Leadership Council was one of my favorites yet!  We had to drop off departing missionaries at the airport that morning at 5.  After we dropped them off, we figured we wouldn't have time to go back to bed before we traveled to Tehachapi for the meeting... so we went to Fabulous Burger.  It is a 24 hour burger joint that feeds missionaries for free!  We all got french toast and watched the sunrise in the back of a pick up truck just outside Fabulous Burger... It was definitely a morning I will always remember. (Might surprise you that I'll remember it considering how tired we were! haha).  Anyways, we planned for the MLC the night before while all the departing missionaries anxiously packed their bags.  I was surprised that morning when our notes actually made sense and for the parts we didn't plan as well for, we just followed the spirit and it turned out great!  

We are really trying to improve our fundamentals as missionaries.  If you don't know the basics... then you won't have confidence to do the complex.  One of the commitments our whole mission was given is to Role play every single day.  I use to HATE roleplays... but now... my day isn't complete without doing a roleplay! They can be so much fun and revelatory if you want them to be!  You only get out of something what you are willing to put in!

I went to Elder Burke's Zone Training Meeting (I trained him as a zone leader back when).  He is such a stud. I know I will keep in contact with him after the mission!  He talked about how we need to be BOVING (Bold & Loving) when we work with investigators.  That is something we laughed about and would say to each other when we were companions... so to see him bring it to full light just cracked me up.

It was such a fun week... and yes... oh yes... this next week will be another crazy one! Woot!!

Shout out to R** M**, Thank you for being such an inspiration to me! I wish I could have learned to accept the gospel as fast as you did!

Love, Elder Crandall the Vandal

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