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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In a Rush!!!

This email is a little late and won't be as long as I wish it could be due to Transfers and MLC all in the same week.  However, last week was amazing and I wish I could tell you about everyday in detail but we'll see how much I'm able to write about before I have to get back to business.

Rita Mejia is getting baptized this coming Saturday.  She is such an amazing person.  We had a lesson with her in Brother Kummer's house this past week.  We were teaching her the final lesson's she needed to be ready for baptism.  Brother Kummer made a comment about the Priesthood and explained why a person would need to be baptized again if they were baptized in the Catholic church or any church for that matter.  As he finished speaking.... she told us later... that she heard a voice speak to her and tell her to "Say Yes"  The next question we asked her was.  "Rita, do you feel ready to be baptized this Saturday?"  She was very tender and said yes.  She felt an overload of the spirit multiple times this weekend and it was so great to be a part of.  She was worried last week that she hadn't received a direct answer to her prayers.  She told us that she not only believes these things are true now... but that she KNOWS for herself that they are because the spirit confirmed it to her.  It is so great to hear someone else's most sincere spiritual experience.  I hold mine very dear to my heart and will never forget the times I've had the gospel confirmed to me.

I finished the Book of Mormon this week.  I decided that if the Book of Mormon really is true... then Heavenly Father would continue to tell me that it is.  I wen't into a quiet room and prayed to know if it was true.  I waited for about 5 minutes listening and feeling for His answer.  Nothing came.  However, the thought came to me "Just go throughout the rest of the week and see."  Well, I had more times than normal to be able to bear heartfelt testimony about the truth of that book.  Sunday night we were in a really great lesson in which our investigators really understood that everything we talked about lay in the balance of whether or not that book is true.  The lesson ended with an amazing tender mercy.  As I bore testimony about the Book of Mormon, I felt the most incredible surge of the spirit flow through my body. I once again and always will know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. If you knock, He will answer.

I'll need your prayers to make it through this hectic week.  Hopefully I make it and you get an email from me next week;) haha

Love Elder Crandall the Vandal

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