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Friday, January 16, 2015

If God is for us, then who could stand against us?

The subject line is the Palmdale Zone motto.  I was reading in Romans 8:31 when I found it.  There is a song by Chris Tomlin that goes along with it also... but it just hit me hard and I realized how powerful of a statement that is.  If God is rooting for you, and willing to do anything and everything to help you succeed.. then what in the world is ever going to stop you?!?  No matter what our trial is... finding new investigators... overcoming sin... strengthening relationships... God is on your side.

So being a Zone Leader gives you a lot more responsibility and a lot of opportunity to train.  This week was pretty hectic as far as how many meeting we had.  We had a zone conference on Wednesday that was different than any zone conference they have done before.  It was only our Zone with President and Sister Wilson.  Elder Hyde and I were asked to do a training/roleplay.  We decided to train on the importance of members and how the way to access members in full is by using the Bishop and WML.  I was nervous before we gave it but the second we started training I threw out a "Ow Di Bodi" and after that my butterflies were completely gone. :)  (Note from Mom:  That is Krio for "How are you"?  It stems from "How is the body?")

That same night the assistants trained Elder Hyde and I on how we can help our zone catch "the vision."  We then trained on that Friday for a Zone Training Meeting.  It is safe to say I am all trained out for the next little bit ha!

We also attended 2 other meetings with the Stake President, and the High Counselor over missionary work in the Stake.  Who knew there was so much stuff done behind the scenes.  Dad... I have massive amounts of respect for all you do for the Butler West Stake!

Well if you thought I was done... I still haven't put the cherry on top.  We arrived at church to find out the couple who would be speaking wouldn't be able to come... so they asked Elder Hyde and me to speak for 12 minutes each. hahaha! Elder Hyde gave one of the most powerful talks I have ever heard on the Atonement... He knows how to invite the Spirit like it's his day job...(kind of is his day job haha).  I talked about our Heavenly Father and why He is the center of our worship.  I shared the experience in Africa of when the muslim guy accused me of not loving God because I believed in Jesus Christ.  I won't ever forget that experience because my testimony was tested and I held strong.  I had been through so many meetings and done so much public speaking that week that I felt pretty prepared haha! I was actually excited to speak! Weird.

We had another exchange this week in which we found 3 more investigators.  God leads us to those who are prepared... but if we aren't willing to work... then he isn't willing to give us the miracles!

Lastly, following impressions is the most important thing we can do.  Elder Hyde and I had repetitive impressions to keep returning to an investigators house.  Normally we won't knock the same door twice in one day unless they are expecting us... but we went back several times.  Come to find out he had been contemplating suicide and was ready to do it that day.  We stayed, prayed, and cried with him.  I am so happy we listened to the Spirit.  There was a complete change in his countenance when we left and he even came to church.  If the Holy Ghost whispers something to you... LISTEN!

Shout out to Meggie! Can't believe you are 21! Hope you had a great birthday! Love ya!

Elder Crandall the vandal!

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