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Monday, July 14, 2014

Ow di Bodioooo!

Things are great out here in Sierra Leone!  I had a great week and for the first time on mission I think I reached EVERY single weekly goal I set!  I tend to set my goals high so that I push myself and this week I finally achieved every single one!  Goals are suppose to be attainable but when I push myself and don't quite reach my goals I feel better than if I set something that is a walk in the park and complete it no problem.

My companion is pretty hilarious.  I have been laughing and joking probably the most this transfer... the only problem is sometimes it can chase away the spirit.  There is one quote in the "adjusting to missionary life" that I thought was funny.  it says to "rediscover your humor"  meaning that.. almost all missionaries lose their sense of humor for the first part of their mission.  I wouldn't say I lost my sense of humor but I have definitely been more serious these past 5 months than I ever was at home.  There is a certain reverence that needs to be learned... and I am not talking about the reverence that I thought was folding my arms in church when I left in the middle of sacrament to get a drink.  The Lord speaks to us in the quiet moments and if commotion is there... you will drown out promptings and feelings.

Even though we reached our goals... I still feel like I can improve in everything.  The numbers we send in to our mission president mean absolutely nothing if they are not backed with spiritual experiences.  Numbers are numbers.... but experiences are life changing.  I know that I can do better at helping my investigators to feel the spirit.  I want people to change for God not for the White man who comes to their house every other day to talk about God.  Unless someone feels promptings to change their life from God... the changes wont last.  We have sooo many investigators who are just struggling to keep commandments.  The problem. They don't feel like they need to change.  Once you realize what you can gain if you listen to the prophets and what you will lose if you don't you will make decisions and act on them!  

I have been reading the Book of Mormon whenever I get free time.  I finished it at the beginning of my mission and I am already more than halfway again!  I love how much inspiration comes from that heavenly sent book.  I swear every time I read.. I read the exact chapter that my soul is thirsting after.  I have my brothers testimony of the book of mormon sitting on my desk.  He gave it to me along with a book of mormon a couple of months before I left on my mission.  I read it about once a week and pray that I can gain as powerful of a testimony as him.  I see progress each week:)  The Book of Mormon is a very personal book even though it talks about people I have never met.. the reason why... The Lord can speak to you if you listen.  If you don't believe me... then try it for yourself!

We had a zone meeting this week that was awesome!  World wide they changed the requirements for what needs to be taught before a person is baptized.  We now have to teach lesson 5 which is laws and ordinances.  We also are asked to continue teaching recent converts at least once a week for 4 months after their baptism!  On top of that...President ostler is giving us an hour a week now to write letters to people we have baptized in our old areas to give them a spiritual boost.  Sierra leone struggles with enduring to the end.  I know that even though this change was for the whole world.... it is perfectly inspired for my mission.  My chest was on FIRE when they were talking about the new changes.  I don't feel the spirit often like that but it was such a "heart warming" experience;)  I really love missionary work.  It is so interesting to me that we spend All our time talking, thinking, and studying for these people and they have no clue.  

I went on 3 runs this past week.  I just want to be exactly like my old dad:)  The mornings when I get up and do something I end up having a awesome day!  As a missionary it is hard to find time for yourself to relieve stress... so thank goodness for going on runs where I don't wake up until about halfway through! haha  I really do love going to bed early and waking up early!  I hope it is one habit I keep after my mission!  I am personally much more able to overcome temptation when I go to bed early!

Shout out to my indoor soccer team!! I scored a goal while playing for P-day today!  Africans are toooo good at soccer so with out the support and love from my fellow team mates around the world I wouldn't have been able to muster the power that was packed behind my bullet!  Also it was raining the entire time and we were all just slip n' sliding everywhere!  Best day of soccer yet! I honestly couldn't stop laughing and smiling!

Also last week on the 4th we set up an indoor court in our parlor and played 2vs2 it was too much fun!  Sometimes when the fun doesn't present itself... you have to be creative and go and find it!

Life is great! don't forget to stop and smell the flowers... or in my case today.. take your time so that you don't eat the flowers when you slip on your face! haha

Love your main man Elder Cran!


P.s. sorry no pictures this week... I will send double next week! I have some good ones!

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