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Monday, July 21, 2014

Kushe Kushe - A greeting that means "Thank You"

I don't know where to start but I guess I'll start with the baptism we had this week!  I was able to baptize A**** F**** and M***** K*****.  Both of these guys are so awesome and have changed theirs lives so much.  I was looking at A*****'s teaching record and I have taught him over 20 times.  I have only taught M***** about 10 times.  It goes to show that we are all at a different place in life.  However, no matter where we are... we can change and become who God wants us to be.  I know that I have changed. If I am asking others to change things in their life then it wouldn't make sense for me to just sit back and stay the same.  I want to make Heavenly Father Happy more than anything.  One of the  best ways we show our love is through keeping the commandments.  Missionaries have their own commandments that are not easy to follow all the time... but when I follow them EXACTLY I can see the blessings that flood in.

A*** is crippled and is one of my favorite people I have met.  For some reason I really like teaching people who are physically handicapped.  In his testimony he bore after he was baptized he said that the turning point in his conversion was when Elder Allen and I visited him the day his brother died.  He said he was so sad and so confused... I remember that day and I remember feeling the spirit as we taught him about the plan of Salvation.  This gospel really answers the questions of the soul.  We don't need to worry and if we are ever lost or confused.. we know who we can turn to to find comfort.  He now is doing all he can to help the rest of his family join the church.  He said he can't wait to go to the temple and do his brothers baptism.  

We had Teefs (Robbers) come again this last monday.  Same kind of thing that happened last time happened this time.  They have completely bent our door so we had to get that all fixed up before they come again.  We bought some pad locks that have some sweet alarms on them.  Our old alarm was a glass fanta bottle that we would balance on our door handle.. hahaha! We figured they have been coming the night we go to town for P-Day... so who knows what is gonna happen tonight... but we'll be ready for em! haha  I really don't feel nervous about it at all.  The Lord is protecting us and will guide us in any time of need.  Plus we have some pretty sharp cutalaces;) haha

Today we turned a little polynesian.  We bought 2 live pigs and decided to roast them.  I missed the first pigs death but I definitely heard it!!  I took tons of pictures so I will try not to HOG them but I might have to send them next week.  We have a couple of Elders from the pacific who knew what to do.  I have never seen a pig being killed and then gutted like I did today... it was WILD! haha!  We are gonna go finish roasting them after I email and then ENJOY boku boku pork!  I've been BACON to do things that are out of the ordinary and we finally followed through!

I went on an exchange with Elder Mupando this week.  We had such a fun and spiritual day.  In EVERY single lesson the spirit was overwhelming.  We really helped people look past their own plan and realize God's plan.  Inspired questions are the bomb...  There is nothing cooler than asking a question that just sparks a feeling inside someone.  It is not an easy thing to do though.  Sometimes the weirdest idea comes into my mind... but when I let it out rather than hold it in... it is what the investigator needed to hear.  We should never quench the spirit... if a thought comes that is good... act on it!!!  Missionary work is so fun if you want it to be.  I have never felt more energized than while in a powerful lesson.  

The past 2 weeks in church people have come up to us and said.. I want missionaries to come teach me and then baptize me.... hmmmm sure I guess we'll pay you a visit!! haha The Lord really provides miracles when you work hard.  Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve all that the Lord gives me but I will do my best to please him!  

Sorry for all the random thoughts but lastly..... I have been reading Our Heritage and am amazed at the trials and persecution the saints went through.  Being a member of this church has never been easy... but when I look at how hard it was to stay firm in the faith back then it blows my mind. Our ancestors were able to endure trials that I don't know I could handle.  I feel GLADY TE when I think about the sacrifice they made for us and more importantly for Christ! (Never ending happiness) We have all been chosen to come into this earth at a specific time and into specific circumstances... Once we learn to accept who we are and where we come from... it is time to look at where we are going.  If for even a second you wish you had the life of someone else.. repent... realize that your trials make you become perfect and without them you wouldn't be able to reach your full potential.

Shout out to Shawn and Shelby Bowen!  Congrats on the wedding!  I love the Bowen family so much! I am so glad that I met you guys and I am grateful for all the memories I have been able to share with you guys in just these few short years!

badabbdabbdab That's all Folks!!

Love Elder Crandall

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