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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Upside Down

Soooo this past week has been crazy. transfers came and is was just lots of missionaries everywhere. Some didn't have an apartment yet so they were staying with us. Then, when they finally got moved out. One of the Elders in my apartment, Elder Koopmans was given a new missionary to train. The new missionary is from England and apparently has some health issues that he didn't put on his papers that he realized is going to effect him way more than he thought. He has this condition that makes his eyes and mouth dry out crazy fast and he gets really light headed and dehydrated. Not to mention that Elder Koopmans Area... Looking Town... is the 2nd most physically taxing area in the mission. (The 1st most taxing area would be mine in Kissy 2). So That elder talked with the mission president... and well, he left after 4 days in salone. Soooooo Elder Koopmas... who is also my favorite elder I have met so far joined my companion and me and we formed a trio.

Kinda funny how this worked out... at transfers... I honestly said a couple prayers asking for a companion like Elder Koopmans... turns out my prayer was answered haha! So for about a week and a half we managed the 2 most steep/tiring/exhausting areas in the mission. At first it was a little weird teaching with 3 in a companionship but we figured it out and ended up having some super sweet lessons. My other companion.. the one I was first assigned to.. Elder Muthoni... was kinda bugging me at the beginning of the week but I prayed hard to see the good in him.. and one day... I just realized the things that were bothering were my own problem and it was nothing he could change its just the way his culture is. Once I figured out to just love him.. we all go along so great and had a stellar week.

I can't even explain how tiring missionary work is and how much more tiring it is when you have to cover 2 areas that are just straight up mountains. However... I was loving it at the same time.

Well... Sunday morning I got a text from the Zone leaders. Emergency transfer to Bo. So, I am officially in Bo as of noon today. Another Elder out in Bo had some health problems and is going home. He is from uganda and was in Kissy 2 right before I was there. He has had health problems ever since he came and the Kissy 2 area apparently destroyed him. So now Elder Koopmans and Elder Muthoni are companions covering the 2 hard areas without me.

This was the first time I think I realized I am really starting to love the people. I went to church yesterday for my last time in that branch. I was soo sad when I had to say goodbye to my recent converts... especially Andrew and Amadu. I didn't realize how happy they made me whenever I would talk to them and then to have to tell them I probably wont ever see them again was heart breaking. During Sacrament I was praying so hard that the people I have taught will endure to the end so that I will be able to see them in heaven. I hate saying goodbye but I have learned that it is going to be a big part of missionary work. BUUUUUMMMMEEERR.
So they picked me up this morning and I drove 4 hours to Bo. My new companion is Elder Allen. He is from Oregon. He is pretty sweet. He is super into music. He went to BYU for a year before his mission and did lots of musical things there. He said he knows all the people who do the accapella thing. He said when he gets back from mission he will probably join that group. I thought tanner and Rach might think that is pretty cool since I remember they took you and dad to a concert recently.

But it is safe to say that my world has been turned upside down. I will be pretty lost and confused for the first week I'm sure. Apparently Bo and Kissy are completely different missions so I'll have a lot of learning to do. I just hope the Krio I have picked up on the first transfer will help me. The people speak with much thicker accents here in bo and less of them can speak english. Even worse... the literacy rate is even worse here and I thought it was really bad in kissy. So, teaching people to learn about God on their own is going to be a little bit different. Good thing you don't have to read to be able to pray! haha God loves everyone regardless of how smart, how successful, or how well known you are. God loves you! That is a message I share very often and I love it when I can see in their eyes that God loves them just as much as he loves anyone else.

I hope you all know that I have lost at least 2 liters of sweat while typing at this computer. Bo is significantly hotter without the breeze from the Ocean. It is going to be readjusting all over again. Plus... I stress myself when ever I come to the computer cafe because I want to write stuff to everyone but there is never enough time! :/

Shout out to my young hip mother!!! Happy Birthday yesterday!!!! I'm gonna take a guess cause i'm not sure... but I think you just turned 40 right??? Love ya mom! I sent you a letter yesterday so let me know when you get it!!

I would send pictures but I don't know how safe these computers are yet. Hope you all have a great week! Remember... God Loves you!! Keep your head up and look for the best in people!

Also... I was just thinking about it. this mission has had so many people go home. There have been at least 6 plus while I have been here. It is so sad to see. nothing scares me more than having to leave earlier than my 2 years. It is a challenge out here... but every minute is worth it if you make it count. I pray everyday for the health of all the missionaries in this mission. I hope that no more will need to go home for health issues... it also effects soooo much all the other missionaries. not just because they get transferred.. but it puts a damper on the mood of the mission. So I will stay up beat and happy no matter what this emergency transfer brings! Love you all!

Love, Elder Crandall the Vandal

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