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Monday, April 21, 2014

Una Duo?!?! (How's it going)

Pretty great week.

My new companion and I are getting along great! It is really nice having an American Companion. He has been out 8 months and he has spent the entire time in Bo. Our area is called New Barracks. He has spent quite a bit of time here so it is looking like He will leave and then I will be leading an area that I will have only spent 4 short weeks in. I still don't even know how to find the apartment haha!

The main way of transportation in Bo is by Okata... or a Motorcycle. I wish the missionaries had their own motorcycle because I can just picture two white missionaries flying around the streets of africa with their ties flying behind them! haha It is pretty intense ride every time we go into town cause it can get pretty busy.. but I love flying in and out of cars and passing people... The only real physical thrill I get to enjoy as a missionary! haha Mom... I know you did everything possible to not let me get a motorcycle before I left on mission so I wouldn't die... but who knows.. maybe the experience would have helped!;) All the missionaries say, "Ahhhhh, I hate riding those things!!! I am never riding a motorcycle when I go home!" but I just love it!! And now I definitely want to get one when I get home! haha! I am never worried because I know we are in the Lord's hands as missionaries. Stuff can still happen to us.... but we do have a weird protective shield that is hard to explain... it is just something you can feel around you that gives you comfort. (Holy ghost)

So I got a text from my last companion this saturday saying that Amara Kamara was baptized. He was a super smart and spiritual kid that I had been teaching the Entire time I was in Kissy. I was so happy to hear that everything turned out great. funny story.. the day before I left to bo he was suppose to be interviewed but He left church early without letting us know.. So we ended up taking the Zone leaders ALL the way up our mountain to his house! They were dying and sweating boku boku! He ended up being at his house so I was there to see him pass his interview. Such a sweet guy! Not gonna lie though... the zone leaders weren't as happy because we wiped them out on the hill... shows how exhausting my last area really was!

Everything in Bo is a bit slower. I got here and everything was basically cut in half. there is a much smaller teaching pool... half the amount of people progressing... half the amount of baptisms... but the people I have taught seem to be a little bit smarter! Kinda surprised me! So there is definitely work that needs to be done here.

For some weird reason I get a weird Fearful feeling whenever we plan on contacting people. I learned something cool about fear in my district meeting this week that has been helping. As soon as you do or try to do whatever is scaring you the fear can completely vanish if you are listening to the spirit. I think the reason I am getting the fear is I think to myself... "what if the spirit leaves me hanging and isn't there for me" well, he hasn't done it to me yet! Ya i've had some pretty awkward and dry conversations... but they are necessary so that I can learn from my mistakes! We definitely get rejected wayyyy less than all the other missions. So when it does happen it is a little surprising and a little hard. But I am learning small small. Usually when something scares you it is the thing you need to work on. Just like with working out.. Whenever I had an excercise that I hated doing... I would try my best and work so hard on that exercise so that it would become one of my favorites because I would become better at it! My contacting needs a bit of toning haha!

Easter was sweet, Elder Allen got a package from his aunt that had a bunch of easter Eggs in it so we had a easter egg hunt in the dark with our flash lights while we waited for the time when we are allowed to turn on the generator. it was a blast and I kept having a weird urge to tackle one of the other elders every time they would find and egg. I think every single easter egg hunt I have had with jen and tanner turned into a wrestling match and the easter eggs would just be flying everywhere as we tried to steal each others. Thankfully I holstered the natural man and didn't take any of them out haha!

Since it was my first week in this branch I was able to bear my testimony. I am way less scared to do things in front of people now. I don't know if it because I know that they don't completely understand me so I could just say anything or because I am overcoming that fear... but I hope its the later! haha I also sung in the choir. Elder Allen is very musically talented to he is in charge of the branch choir. Which means I get to help too. I am singing my white little heart out let me tell ya. we sang He is risen... something that kinda made me laugh... with their accents it sounds like he is Raisen... I would do my best to keep my laughter to myself haha! but I would just picture the raisen box with Jesus Christ on it instead of the girl with the red hood haha!

I am so grateful for my savior. Without him we wouldn't have any hope. I can't wait to finally meet him and give him the biggest hug. "we can never do more for the Lord than he can do for us." -Elder Ballard.... this quote is pretty deep if you think about it. Give God your everything and you wont be able to capture all the blessing he will send your way.

Shout out to Tanner Rach and Milo for graduating College this Week!!! Your family is such a good example to me and I pray that my future family will be a replica of yours! I know that public health is definitely needed in Africa and I know that you can be the ones to make the difference!

Shout out to Wampa bear!! Good luck with the surgery!! I bet you will be running around the tennis court in no time!! Sit back and enjoy the Diet coke until then!!

Love you all Boku Boku!!!

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