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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Arrived Safely in Ghana

What a day.....

So like you knew... I was horrified to fly alone.... so thankfully the first thing that happened... my flight to chicago was canceled after waiting for about 6 hours.  I found elder richman, he was the missionary that we saw when we got to the airport that looked pretty sad and depressed haha! ask tanner, he will remember him!  anyways, I found him and we were both pretty excited to not have to travel alone! So we got new flight plans for a flight that left 30 minutes from when they made the plans and we still had to go back through security and recheck our bags.... I WAS crazy stressed haha!  Turns out, the plane we would have missed by 30 minutes was delayed... a little answer to my prayers.. and we made it to chicago!  Right before we left slc Elder Richman found out that we had a different flight to london, and that his flight took off 6 minutes after we landed in chicago... he obviously missed it.  haha! I had no idea what I should do so I broke the first rule of being a missionary and completely abandoned the poor guy so I wouldn't miss my flight! hahaha! I felt bad, but when we landed he really just disapeared in the opposite direction that I needed to go.  I just about broke down in the middle of chicago because I had no clue were the shuttle was I was suppose to take to get to the next terminal.  I said a pretty quick prayer and right before I lost it, I saw a man with a shuttle hat walking.  I asked him where to go and he had me follow him.  he was the exact person I needed to see at the time!  I ran to my next flight and barely made it.  Whew... haha!  So now I was alone in london... which seemed even bigger than chicago haha!  I felt like I was seriously wandering in the dark but I didn't make a single wrong turn or mess up at all in london!  I made it to the gate with 5 minutes to spare... yikes haha! can you imagine if I was lost for even a second in there?! I definitely would have missed that flight.  I forgot to add it, but from my flight to london, I had a middle seat but the seats next to me where completely empty so I was able to sprawl out and get some rest.... because my flight to ghana was the exact opposite!  I sat by a black man with a lazy eye, and a huge black man with a beard... needless to say... I did not sprawl out on that flight!! haha!  I talked to both of them and they were much softer on the inside than on the outside thats for sure! so that was nice.... It was definitely a big oreo in the middle of the plane! haha!  I landed in ghana... and i walked through a wall of steam not even kidding! It is outrageously hot and humid!  Not to mention I hadn't showered in 2 days so I had some heavy duty B.O.!  I waited for my bags for probably an hour... eventually they all came halelujah! I wandered around for a bit hoping someone would be there waiting for me when a big goober looking elder Robinson found me! I wasn't alone! haha! so here is the funny part... I have technically already been robbed.. in a sense...  So while we were taking our bags out to the van with the MTC worker, these men tagged along and said "I am with you guys" so i obviously thought they were from the mtc because the real mtc guy didn't even have a badge on.  anyways, they helped load my bags and said "tip,check your wallet, and give me a tip, just a little one for helping you" they practically reached in my wallet and tipped themselves... bam just like that, 28 bucks were gone and my wallet was completely empty.. once they realized my money was gone they just ran off.  the real mtc guy apparetly tried to warn me when we were walking to the car but he has a nice mumble that is hard to understand... I am just glad they didn't get my passport pouch that had 250 buck in it... I was laughing pretty hard in the car with elder Robinson.... we figured if 20 minutes into our mission and we had already been robbed then we are in for some crazy stuff!  Also the mtc driver tried to sell us belts... 2 for 50 dollars... the ghanians are definitley about making money.. haha! I dropped a quarter during an interview this morning and the interviwer picked it up and put it in his pocket! hahaha! I have already had some good laughs!  It is safe to say there isn't going to be very much structure while I am in the mtc... we got there at like 10:40and 6 of the french speaking missionaries from nigeria were up doing laundry and laughing doing their own thing! haha  Also in a meeting with the mtc president, he said they have a hard time wearing their garments  when they sleep and they have some pretty fowl mouths... so I'm just excited to see whats gonna happen! haha!  I forgot to mention... on the plane... I watched 0 movies... and it killed me... I figured that If i was a missionary i better start being obedient now cause it will only get harder... they even had parks and Rec playing on the movie screen on the ceiling and all i Did was open up my scripts... that was hard... 

Jen, I already used some essential oils and I can already tell they are helping! love ya!

Mom, I figured you would be crazy worried because I didn't call you again, but I figured I had to learn to fly on my own sometime!

Love you guys

Elder Crandall (hehe, still sounds weird to me)

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