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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Great Week

I don't have much time to write so I will just share my favorite things I remember.

C** L** was baptized this Saturday! I was privileged to be able to baptize her! After we were done changing I was talking to her out in the hall. She said that it was one of the coolest experience's and that she felt so good!  She has felt the spirit before and knows what it feels like.  She was so excited to get the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Her 7 year old son was going to give the closing prayer but got nervous so she ended up saying the closing prayer.  It was very simple yet very sincere.  I'm so happy I was able to meet and teach her! She is one of a kind!!  

There were 27 departing testimonies... Elder Matheny and Elder Hyde went last and knocked it out of the park.  I am so grateful I was able to serve with both of them.  I know that part of the reason I left Sierra Leone was to serve with both of these Elders.  I am going to miss them the most of any missionary I've had to send to the airport and I can't wait to reunite with them after the mission.

My new companion is Elder Horan.  He is almost an exact replica of Brandon Wilde!! This transfer is going to be way too much fun!  He was one of the zone leaders I've served around before and seen some sweet miracles on exchanges with.  He is buff as can be too... so that means Elder Crandall is going to be getting back into shape these next couple of transfers! Woot! haha 

I'm thankful for all of the experiences I've had on my mission.  No one would ever understand what a mission is like unless they've been on one.  They are the sweetest!  God knows that when we try to change others... we end up changing ourselves. I hope and pray I continue to see more and more changes in myself. Missions would be a complete failure if you returned the same person... or if after returning you once again became the same person.  I'm thankful for the Atonement and the comfort Christ gives.  I'm thankful that I've had my spiritual eyes opened to the potential I have as a child of God.

Love Elder Crandall the Vandal

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