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Monday, May 19, 2014

Ow ye de do?!

So this week was pretty good.  I am done with training so I am a legit unnoobish missionary finally!! in the words of Steve Crandall... "Can I get a hoop and a holler?!" hahaha

So I think I have always known... but I am not a morning person.  I struggle to get going and I am not really "there" until about 9 o'clock.  So I am really really working on that.  I do push ups... then the next thing I know I am lying on the ground in push up position and 10 minutes have gone by haha!!  I love reading the scriptures and having time each day to let God speak to me.  But... if you are constantly nodding off while you read... then you aren't going to get much out of it.  I think maybe I'll just go by some coffee or something!;) just kidding just kidding!!! haha!

The one thing that I continually relearn myself of is that any spiritual experience will give me energy or brighten me up.  The holy ghost truly is a gift from our Father in Heaven because it gives me inspiration to get up and go to work!  I've also found that it is impossible to be sad when feeling the spirit.  So if any of you are struggling ever... turn to your Father in Heaven and look, search, and Find the Holy Ghost.  He wants to be with you... you just have to want him there also!

So one of the things I've heard and experienced about missionary work is that it can get hard and repetitive if you don't make it fun.  So I have really been trying my best to think outside the box and make the work fun!  well, my companion has been quite pessimistic to all of my ideas lately and I was getting to the point were I was seriously wondering if I just had a massive bag of bad Ideas... well, in our Companionship inventory he was able to explain to me why he has been so negative towards some of my ideas.  He said he has really been studying humility lately.  He knows that I am much younger on mission than him and he has been really mad at himself because he hasn't been the one motivated to really do much.  I am not writing this to pat myself on the back at all... but It really helped me to see from his point of view.  We all need to be humbled... Either we can humble ourselves... or we can wait for the Lord to humble us.  I was so impressed that he was willing to humble himself and truly express his feelings he has had lately.  It is not an easy thing to do.  It turned into a pretty sweet spiritual experience.  We have been doing much better as a companionship after that.

I need more faith.  we all need more faith.  Something my brother said when I was talking to him on Mother's Day really hit me.  If we have 99% faith that something will happen and only 1% doubt.... then nothing is going to happen.  We need to be all in!  We are really really working on finding people who will build up the church if they become a member.  I have been praying a lot to find a family or even just an independent person that God has already prepared.... well... I haven't found them yet.... the reason... I haven't acted on my faith.  Faith without works is dead.  All week I tell myself to go find that person but when I am actually out proselyting I have just a little bit of fear and doubt... hence... I haven't found them.  This week I am going to act on EVERY single impression that the holy ghost gives me!! I am ready to get shut down and told "me na muslim" but I HAVE the faith that I will find the person/family I am looking for! 

We have 2 baptisms this week.  I am really excited because one of them is Harold Rogers.... my half paralyzed bud! he is such a stud.  He has come to church 3 weeks in a row!!  I snapped a picture of him with his reading glasses on... he is just too adorable. haha I will try and attach it!

Played some soccer Today... I love sports!!! I am definitely a thrill seeker and that is not really a part of the mission life.  I think today was the first time I have run in 3 months...wowsers... I am also quite sunburned haha!  This is africa I guess!

I love you all! 


Shout out to my bestest brother.  Happy Late Birthday!! You are my Hero.  I will always look up to you.  Thank you for your amazing example.  I love my Tanner Bear!!!!


dopest hat ever.. and harold rogers


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